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    Opinion Please:))

    Hi Guys.

    I phoned a dealer in Lisbon and he said that if i wanted a carrera 4s with all the optionals i wished i would have to wait for a 10 mouths.

    Oh man, 10 mouths:((((

    Well, these carrera 4 cabrio from may 2002 and with 5000 km is being sold here in S.Miguel by 105000 euros (I know, super expensive, a new carrera 4 cabrio (without optionals) costs 124000 euros, if i'm not wrong, with that 124 grand, you can buy a turbo with some good extras in Germany).The former owner is a Police Officer (I wonder how a Portuguese Police Officer buys a Porsche)

    As dar as optionals goes, i could see PCM2, Phone Kit and Carrera Cabrio rear wing.

    These car is 1 of 2 996 that exist in S.Miguel, the other one is from 1999 and its a coupé.

    What you guys think??Should i pick it???With some luck i could find some dope in the Car that the police forgot and buy some extras.(Kidding)

    By the way, these car has a funny story with me.The car arrived here in S.Miguel on 3rd of May of 2002.In that day i had a fight during the night with a guy that was being too smart for my taste with some girls i know.Punch here, punch there and the fight was called a draw(LOL)

    For my suprise, the police tought i should have won the fight so they decided to give me an award.

    So the award was a 1 day vacation on the only 5 star hotel here in S.Miguel.JAIL.

    What's funny is that in that day it was the start of a festivitie that happens every year in S.Miguel so the Police is always very busy, and in that day that wasn't a single police car in a 15 km range.

    So the Police Officer that owned the Porsche took me in the carrera to the "Hotel"

    Now that's cool, what could be better than being transported to Jail than in the Porsche???

    Hope you like the photos and tell me what you think.

    Re: Opinion Please:))


    Re: Opinion Please:))


    Re: Opinion Please:))


    Re: Opinion Please:))

    By the way, i have a small video of the car (nothing special, just a view of the car) about 12 mb and in quicktime.

    If someone could hosted o i would apreciate.


    Re: Opinion Please:))

    i have no idea about the porsche availability in portugal but waiting 10 months for a C4S sounds weird to me since the 997 is coming in summer!!

    personally i don't like the carrera rear wing and the color of the 2002 carrera cab on the pictures that much. but there's no accounting for taste

    have you asked your dealer about the 997?

    Re: Opinion Please:))

    Yes i asked and most of them didnt even know the 997 was coming .

    And the ones that knew,well the only reason they knew was because they saw it in a magazine.

    Deadlers suck here, just give an example.Everytime you ask what optionals a car has, the awnser is allways the same "leather interior, power windows, special rimms (after 23 years i'm still trying to understand what the hell is special rimms).You ask for optionals and they give you the standard equipament.

    Well. darn...



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