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    Opinions needed...4wd vs. 2wd

    What are your opinions or experiences driving a Porsche 2wd vs. all/wd? How much of a difference is there between the all/wd's and the 2wd?......and the 2wd with PSM?

    I live in the Pacific NW (USA), and have been considering the C4S for quite a while; and it will be my first Porsche. Due to the various seasons here, I like the idea of all/wd. I also love the wide body C4S look (but, can't afford a turbo )
    As speculated, the 997's appear to also be a wide body.
    I prefer to wait for the 997, I think ., but if I go for the 996 C4S, I probably need to decide before the 997's come out since the former appears to be on it's last year (04')

    Re: Opinions needed...4wd vs. 2wd

    my opinion might differ from other peoples.... I own an 02 c2, my father owns a c4 cabrio(not the c4s). I too had the same choice that you are facing... i chose to get the c2. The c2 feels stiffer, plus, its faster. the c4 is a good choose if you are looking for a safer drive... but if you like to loose the back end peel out, the c2 is a better choose. Honestly.... the c4 is not worth the extra money you pay for it.

    Re: Opinions needed...4wd vs. 2wd

    I like the 2wd more - more like a classic 911 that feels easier to throttle steer in the corners. My father had a 996TT and I could always feel the amount of power to the front wheels varying depending on throttle position in the corners - I prefer to keep more of the control myself...

    Re: Opinions needed...4wd vs. 2wd

    Ah, the eternal question.
    I've got a C4 and it's great to know that you have constant traction.
    But be aware, as you can read in recent posts, C4 can give you a false impression of safety on the wet, there are not aquaplanning proof as I have unfortunately experienced. But you can definitly accelerate sooner out of corners on the dry.
    C2 are more rewarding to drive I think for the reason Grant mentionned.
    Different styles I suppose.
    But I definitly wouldn't say that the C2 is unsafe especially with PSM now.
    PS: Pic for you of my car after the aquaplanning accident. Next one is my former Boxster, happened on the wet too (but I wasn't the driver, I'm not THAT bad ) so basically, C4 is great but it doesn't mean, as opposed to many people think, that you can drive on the wet like on the dry.

    Re: Opinions needed...4wd vs. 2wd

    Depends on your driving style. I personally prefer 4WD because I have lot of temper when I drive and sometimes I'm really driving at the limit. PSM and 4WD come in very handy when I do so. If you're a very good driver and if you think you need a challenge, you might go for a C2 instead. The C2 has an excellent traction too but in the hands of an "ordinary" driver, the C2 will always be slower than the C4. The weight difference between the C4 S and the C2 is pretty substantial but the C4 S has the Turbo suspension which is a bit more dynamic than the standard C2 suspension. Of course there is still M030 and the fabulous X74.

    Re: Opinions needed...4wd vs. 2wd

    Depends on your driving style. I personally prefer 4WD because I have lot of temper when I drive and sometimes I'm really driving at the limit. PSM and 4WD come in very handy when I do so. If you're a very good driver and if you think you need a challenge, you might go for a C2 instead. The C2 has an excellent traction too but in the hands of an "ordinary" driver, the C2 will always be slower than the C4.

    Thats is exactly my reasoning too, and the C4 with the RoWM030 is the best of both n/a 996's worlds for me (the AWD and M030 of the C4S while closer in weight to the C2).

    Another important reason in my case is that we get a fair amount of rain here in winter and I personally enjoy & look foward to driving hard in the wet even more than in the dry, so the AWD is a little extra help in avoiding wrapping my 996 around a telephone post and it sure is incredibly FAST in the wet compared to other cars.

    get your c4s !!


    with all the rain in the pacific nw you'll be much safer with awd. fanch is right that aquaplaning is a hazard with any car--especially one with such wide tires but awd is still usually helpful. i also avoid pirelli p 0 assyms because they suck in the rain. either michelins or contis are much better in the rain.

    finally, i would avoid getting the first year 997 since all prior new models have many problems during their first year.

    i have 32k mi with no service needed except regular scheduled maintenance!

    Re: get your c4s !!

    Thanks to all who offered their opinion....

    Since this will be my first Porsche I will probably opt for the 996 C4S. With the all-wheel drive and my "lack" of experience driving over 125mph , I think the C4S is the car for me. It will give me several years of pleasure and experience until the 998 is released

    Re: Opinions needed...4wd vs. 2wd

    I don't have alot of experience with the C2, but I love my 4S. It has plenty of power for my tastes, handles great and the widebody and turbo front fascia look way better to me. I used to have a 550hp Z-28 so I know what it is like to drive a "beast." The suspension is firm without being annoying.

    I say get the 4S!

    Re: Opinions needed...4wd vs. 2wd

    You could probably get a great deal on a C4S when the 997 is released. May be wise to wait a year for the new car hype and prices to come down.
    Then again I'm jonsing for that 997S!

    Re: Opinions needed...4wd vs. 2wd


    I live in the midwest where we have all four seasons. It's actually snowing as I write this. I have a C4. I would recommend the same for you because of where you live and the weather conditions. Here are a couple options to consider. Buy a used certified C2 or C4s, '02 or '03. Keep it a year or two and then get the 997 if you want. I say this because if you buy a new 996 the odds are in two years you will take a major hit when it comes time to sell. With the 997 out the 996 will be considered the "old" model.

    Whatever you decide I would advise waiting until the 997 comes out. You will certainly get a better prices on 996's then, either new or used. Best of luck and let us know what you get.


    Re: Opinions needed...4wd vs. 2wd

    Wow - what a range of good advice. My view is that the C2 offers more of the traditional 911 balance and feel which may be of interest as a first Porsche. It certainly was for me. The C4S is a great package (there all great packages - just different) which has a heavier, more solid and planted feel to it. To me it was just too solid and not frisky or athletic enough. It is quite a bit heavier and the steering is certainly less lively. But still good - just different.

    As for the appeal of the wide body, the inside perspective I've been given indicates that the first models will not be widebodies. They'll be narrow, but more sculpted. The widebodies will turn up in due course, and if we think about it the sequence may well be C2S, Turbo, GT2, C4S. So if a C4S and widebody to boot is looking the goods, go for it, noting the advice above on the prospect of good deals on leftover stock around April next year, when details of the 997 should be officially released.


    A good dealer will let you drive a C2 and C4S back to back for an extended period of time so you can get a good feel for how both cars handle. More than likely because both cars feel really different it will be easy for you to decide which you prefer. A good dealer will also let you come back and do it all again just so you can confirm in your own mind which way to spend your money. Whichever you prefer you can probably find a used one at a really good price, provided you're not looking for a very particular or unusual spec. Then if you like the 997 you can wait out the full price and glitchy first year and sell you used car without taking too much of a loss.

    Re: Opinions needed...4wd vs. 2wd

    I owned a C4S and it was a beautiful car. Great for everyday use and an extremely safe option for someone who uses the car daily. However I like to `drive` the car rather than be `driven` by the car. So I now have a 4wd Audi for daily use tiptronic g/box (or whatever AUDI call this system), BOSE, climate control and all paraphenalia to make the daily drive less of a durge. For weekends and track days I have the GT3 and it has been optimised for track use whilst still being road friendly. I think I have got the best of both worlds for the money I had to spend as my pockets are not bottomless!



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