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    Re: Here's another....

    Dr. Phil said:

    Ease up on the tone there, will ya?
    Actually a lot of 987 owners claim they cannot feel the diff between 18" and 19" because of PASM. I have no doubt there is some diff with a normal suspension, or suspension in sport mode.
    So like you say, it IS a matter of physics, the physics of PASM

    I think that the deciding factor is whether or not the car *HAS* PASM. My personal opinion based on extended test drives of several, variously equipped 987's is that with PASM the 19" wheels seem fine and dandy, but without PASM the 19's seem to be to the detriment of the ride with minimal improvement to handling.
    On a car such as mine that is not PASM equipped, the 18" rims seem the better choice for a good combination of ride and handling.
    The good news is that if I discover my observations were incorrect, the 19" Carrera rims can be purchased for $2900.00 a set. With a probable resale of my 18" rims in the $1400.00 range the additional money needed to "upgrade" would be about the same as what the 19" option costs to begin with. Less $1000.00 in tires of course!

    Re: Thanks.....

    Martz911 said:
    Fat Sound - Thanks for the tip on where to get the clear side markers. Is that the identical part as for the 997? Do you know the part number?

    I just clicked on the buy now buttons for the 986 clear side markers and then on the order form I typed in for them to check that these would also fit the 987. Either the parts are interchangeable or they simply shipped the correct parts for the 987.
    They are under the "Lighting" heading in the Tequipment section

    Re: Thanks.....

    Fat Sound - Thanks again for the info. In the current Performance Products Catalog (pp. 154-155), there are separate part numbers shown for the '97-'04 Boxster compared to the '05 997 for the clear side marker lenses. The lenses definitely look different in the two pictures. Please let me know if your lenses fit correctly, and if there is a Porsche part number on the packaging.

    Re: Thanks.....

    Think I read on another board that the 997 and 987 side indicators are the same (but are different to the 996/986 ones).

    Re: Thanks.....

    The ones I received fit like a glove and look great!
    These are the part numbers I ordered:
    996-631-043-01 LEFT
    996-631-044-01 RIGHT

    Like I said though, I did write in the comments section of the online order form that they were going on a 987.

    I threw the boxes out last night, but if you order these part numbers and note that your car is a 987 you'll be fine.

    Re: Thanks.....

    Fat Sound - Thanks a bunch for all your help!

    Re: Here's another....

    Couple things to add regarding Z4 vs Boxster comparison. I sold mine Z4 in 5 months because the ride was way too firm.

    Things I didn't like:
    1) The Z4 seats sit much lower compared to my Boxster and the opening was shorter which both made getting in and out of the car much harder
    2) The front windshield is so curvy it distorts your vision.
    3) Along with the ride, the seats bottom are like sitting on cardboard
    4) Because of the interior layout, it visually seemed like there was less room even though the interior measurements about the same as the boxster
    5) The factory mesh windblocker didn't do a very good job

    Things that were better:
    1) BMW Steptronic is 2X better than my Tiptronic
    2) The getup and go factor was better
    3) Throttle response
    4) Even though my Box is faster the Z4 "feels" faster
    Other than that...I don't miss it at all.
    5) Interior design and heater/vents did a better job at keeping the warm air in.



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