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    Which racetrack to unleash Porsche without fear?

    Hi. I have read some interesting posts here, but I had this one question - Where do you go to unleash the full potential of your Porsche?
    On the public roads, you have the fear of cops, or road traffic, or on deserted roads fear of hitting animals.

    Are there any racetracks, where we can pay a small amount (not talking about renting the entire tack for one day), and lap the circuit for 10 laps or something? Are there any such tracks in the Northeast or Southeast region.

    I am not talking about the oval shaped tracks, but the race circuits such as Laguna Seca.

    I have heard about Nordschleife in Germany has this facility, but do such facilities exist here in US?

    Re: Which racetrack to unleash Porsche without fear?

    Yes, a club will rent a track and members(sometimes nonmembers too) can sign up for what is called Driver's Ed. For around $200 you'll get 80-100 minutes of track time and an instructor who will ride with you and teach you to drive safely on a racetrack at the full potential of your car. Explore and look for HPDE (high performance driver's education) information in your region. There are a number of road course style racetracks (not oval) that these clubs use. Another way to learn more about which clubs run where is to track down the websites of the racetracks near you (looking at NASA's site might help for this) and then checking their schedules which will have the clubs' names. Then you can look up the clubs on the net and see if you can just show up and if they have instructors. Usually all these groups are very friendly so if you see e-mail addresses go ahead and contact them to see if they are what you're looking for, just emphasize that you're a beginner. NASA is a good group to start with though.

    Here are some racetracks that may be near you.

    Good luck You're beginning one of the most enjoyable and rewarding activities I can think of. It's also terribly additive and can get expensive since you'll want to modify your car for the the track, but it's worth it

    Re: Which racetrack to unleash Porsche without fear?

    of course the answer you will get time and time again is the Nurburgring Nordshliefe, that is the place where Porsches are honed.

    there are so many wonderful ones in the USA, Limerock is great!

    Re: Which racetrack to unleash Porsche without fear?

    The Nordschleife is a VERY demanding track, in fact its topography rather resembles a country road than a modern race track. Except for some armco you don't have any significant safety zones!

    The modern Nürburgring (GP-Track) is one of the safest places to explore your car's limits but the track is very, very seldomly open for the public.

    I'd say about any modern racetrack, especially where F1 races are held at, are safe to explore the limites since safety standards and zones are adapted to modern F1's speed levels!

    Re: Which racetrack to unleash Porsche without fear?

    The Malaysian GP track looked to be hugely wide and with very safe run-off areas...



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