They had a GT3 RS white over black/white deviating stitching (only MSRP + $60K). The Alcantara interior was beautiful in person although the white stitching was just OK.

They also had a plain GT3. There were a couple of other black interior cars with deviating stitching (red and yellow). The red and yellow deviating stitching looked great. I am going with black leather/yellow stitching and I was pleased to see how good it looked in person.

The wife went along and she drove a Cayenne GTS. Fabulous interior, comfortable seats, nice car. She also drove a Cayenne Turbo and was sold on it instantly. The lease residuals are terrible on the Cayenne: 56% (24 mo/12K) and 48% (36 mo/12K) and only $104,000 can be residualized.

Interestingly, the 997TT has a lease residual of 58% (36 mo, 10K) but amounts over 146,100 can't be residualized. That changes my plans a little (will probably get the taillights from Suncoast) because I was originally thinking I would only be paying for 42% of my options.

Atomic, they sure could use your help! Every single car had mixed stitching!