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    precision of the fuel gauge

    the fuel gauge in my 997S is not exact when i am exactly in the middle of the gauge of fuel i can t put the half of fuel tank in the station and when is on the last graduation it seem left more in ? do you have the same problem ?

    964 rs
    mini cab

    Re: precision of the fuel gauge

    What you say?

    More fuel in tank than indicated on gauge? If it's not too far off then it's just a safety factor. Kinda nice to have.

    Re: precision of the fuel gauge

    I believe that all fuel gauges will "misread" the fuel ammount between full and empty as they are calibrated for only these points; unless of course your fuel tank is a perfect cube. Unless i'm mistaken and porsche does it differently, fuel amount is measured by a float in the tank. Due to this design the shape of the fuel tank plays a major role.

    As an extreme example imagine your fuel tank was a pyramid shape: if you were to drain the tank the distance from the top of the fuel to the bottom of the tank (what the float measures) would fall very quickly initially as there is less volume at the very top of the tank. The rate at which the fuel level falls would gradually slow as there is more volume to displace to fall the same distance.

    In the case of my fuel tank (not a porsche) I could tell you that my tank is shaped more like an upside down pyramid (exadurated but what i'm saying is that the top is bigger than the bottom). I know this because as i compare the fuel level to my trip odometer I can see that after the first 100km I am still at full, at 200km i'm at approx 7/8th, 300km is 3/4, 350 to 400 (depends on my driving) is 1/2, 450km= 1/4, 500=almost empty, 550km cue fuel light.(50L tank)

    Does that make sense? can anybody confirm the same with a Porsche?

    Re: precision of the fuel gauge

    The fuel gauge reading is also depends on whether the car is level or not. The float measurement will only give you the est. fuel left. However, the mile to empty readout should be very accurate.

    Re: precision of the fuel gauge

    Based on my experience, the mile to empty readout IS very accurate. When it reads 1 or 0 miles to go I am able to fill it up to within .1 gallons of the capacity.

    Re: precision of the fuel gauge

    tlsmithx said:
    Based on my experience, the mile to empty readout IS very accurate. When it reads 1 or 0 miles to go I am able to fill it up to within .1 gallons of the capacity.

    This is an experience you should try to avoid. Running too low on fuel can cause misfiring, resulting in damage to the catalytic converters.



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