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    Re: Registering a new 997 in California

    The Groom said:
    It would be a lot easier if there was no state government in the loop.

    Actually, I bring up the point about the state government because it is supposed to be more efficient than the federal, as it is more accountable to us. And it can't even do a simple task.

    Anyways, your point about taking state government out of the loop would result in less freedom, which would be worse than what we have today. The federal government should delgate to the states.

    Re: Registering a new 997 in California

    I believe that local government is actually worse. Local government is a bastion of nepotism and incompetence, because competent politicians and civil servants rise to a national career, whereas those who have failed remain at the local level.

    Back in 1792, the territory of France was subdivided in départements whose size was designed so that anyone could get to the local capital within one day of horse riding.
    Today, we can get anywhere in Europe or in the US within one day of flying, or do most administrative tasks on the Internet. As a result, if départements were fine in 1792, we don't need départements or states at all today.
    As a Frenchman, I can say with complete confidence that the less power France keeps and the more power Brussels gets, the better. At least there's a chance that someone competent makes decisions, instead of a demagogue.
    (conversely, I understand why a Dane would hate letting a corrupt French politician have any power on his destiny... )

    To return on topic, I do wish that CS will get that mess sorted out quickly, so he can enjoy his new car.

    Re: Registering a new 997 in California

    Strong federal government is not the way to go, here in the U.S. And that was not the intent, based on the Constitution. Less power at the top, more freedom at the bottom.

    Anyways, back on topic. Perhaps it would be easier if CS moved to Pennsylvania?

    Re: Registering a new 997 in California

    Can this dealership be more irresponsible than this?
    A week ago, I agreed to get all the money back and do the registration my own. Okay, agreed and confirm the amount they will send it back to me. Today, they are saying they will deduct around 600 because they already sent to DMV.
    They said they will not give me any documents to register the car, those docs belongs to the dealership. I said what?????????????? and after a few back and forth, they said they will send whatever they can and said not appreciate my tone of my email..........
    And now, I have to take 600 short of the fund and go register my car in cal....This dealership's business practice is the worst I've ever deal with.
    Let me give you guys few more example.
    1. When I negotiate the car, I gave them my zip code after few phone calls and emails. We agreed on the price and shipping. After I gave my credit card for deposit, they called me back, saying they need 2 thousands more. Because California fees are higher than PA. Oh, well, I gave you my zip code like 2 weeks ago?! I really wanted it, I paid 2k more than what we agreed.
    2. The 997S cab should have shipped enclosed. When the car arrived, the top is opened. So the all interior was dusty.
    They opened the top while shipping it for 2000 miles. What do you think?
    3. The back is scratched. The dealer should have a signed copy when the shipping company picked it up to ensure the car is fine. And now, they told me they did not sign anything when the carrier pick up the car?! So I have to go after the carrier.
    4. Windstop....they said the car did not come with the windstop some how.... I have to wait for 2 weeks to get it....

    sigh, this buying experience is full of surprises and disappointments.....

    Re: Registering a new 997 in California

    Sorry to hear of your terrible experience. However, sounds par for the course. Hope you get it all resolved and can enjoy the car. Just don't feel you are the only victim out there that has taken unnecessary crap from a P dealership, your not alone friend



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