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    M030 euro sports suspension on US 997

    Hi every body I am new to this forum and I bought a base 997 US . after reading thru the forum I am palnning on upgrading the suspension. Here in US every body just installs a H&R springs. I think this is not a full upgade and nobody has really tested these at speeds. I am more inclined to update the suspension to M030. suncoast is selling m030 sport suspension kit, includes shocks and springs, and sway bars, (no lsd ofcourse) this is the european version. In theory this looks like the right way to upgrade the suspension with OEM designed parts. my question: has anybody in the US tried this setup. Any comments feedback would be very helpful.

    thanks ronnie

    Re: M030 euro sports suspension on US 997

    there is a pca instructor who had it on his 997. ther was an old post on renntech about this. i recall he was happy with it. i took a ride with an instructor at the track (watkins glen) in his 997s with eiback springs and the car felt great. others have reported good things about h&r for tracked 997s.

    Re: M030 euro sports suspension on US 997

    AFAIK there is no MO30 suspension kit for the 997, unless you are refering to the "-20mm" sports supension option for the 997S in Europe. There was an ROW30 suspension option for the 996 however. Not sure if this would work with the 997 though.

    Re: M030 euro sports suspension on US 997

    my bad i meant row , so what is suncoast selling then, I have seen this other postings, her is their website info:

    Upgrade your car to European Sport Suspension (ROW M030)! Each kit will increase the suspension's firmness, and reduce bodyroll. Typically the car is lower 3/4 inches. These kits are made for a Carrera 997, 2005+.
    Parts Included:
    Front Springs & Shocks
    Rear Springs & Shocks
    Front Sway Bar & Bushings
    Rear Sway Bar & Bushings
    Note: This item may have to be ordered for Germany, expect 2-4 week order time. Please contact us if your car is not listed.

    Re: M030 euro sports suspension on US 997

    It might be all the gear that comes with -20mm Euro suspension less the LSD. However, without the LSD it will not have the proper balance.

    Suspensions are specially tuned to work with LSD - it is an integral suspension component. They affect handling balance and using all the suspension gear without LSD will likely result in oversteer and less composure.

    This is why Porsche only sells the -20mm suspenion bundled with LSD and does not offer LSD without the -20mm suspension...

    Re: M030 euro sports suspension on US 997

    I totally agree with what you are saying. The suspension system works in harmony with all its component so saying that what about all the other people on this and other forums replacing their stock springs with H&R , lowers it by 1.2 inches ~. Is this a good approach, what about handling and high speeds etc. I was planning on doing this first but I am not sure.

    Re: M030 euro sports suspension on US 997

    I have H&R lowering springs on my 993 with Bilstein HD shocks/struts. Works very well, but I've never tried it with PASM...

    Re: M030 euro sports suspension on US 997

    IMO, at this point in time the only proper way to go to keep things in balance would be a coil over set up. They are available for both pasm and non pasm now. About 4K including install and alignment. This is the way I will go.



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