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    Re: Formula 1 China GP

    I think you are all wrong about Alonso. Alonso is working in a team, where the team chief is his worst enemy.

    Here is what Ron told Times:

    Ron Dennis, the team principal of the McLaren Mercedes Formula One team, let one very large cat out of a very expensive bag after Lewis Hamilton's retirement from the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai on Sunday. Speaking about the disastrous decision to delay Hamilton's tyre change, which led to the British rookie sliding off the track while trying to get into the pits, Dennis said something that will have convinced Fernando Alonso's supporters that there is a conspiracy within the team against their hero.

    "The problem was rain and his [Hamilton's] tyres were in the worst condition," Dennis said to a group of British journalists in the paddock at the circuit. "But we weren't at all fazed about Kimi [Raikkonen, of Ferrari]. We weren't racing Kimi, we were basically racing Fernando."

    Slip of the tongue it may have been - there were efforts by McLaren to explain it away - but, in one stroke, Dennis had made a nonsense of his claims to be treating his drivers equitably in the World Championship run-in.

    What is more, Dennis's remarks have turned into articles of faith the deep suspicions in Spain and elsewhere that McLaren could be deliberately doctoring Alonso's car to present the championship to Hamilton. In large parts of the motor-racing world, it is regarded as gospel that Alonso is battling against not only Hamilton but also the whole McLaren team for his third consecutive drivers' championship.


    Re: Formula 1 China GP

    cgt said:
    I believe McLaren started out this season wishing both their drivers the very best but since Alonso has been throwing his toys out of his pram because they would not favour him (which was around the 3rd race or the season), I think the team have just grown tired of him and who wouldn't?

    If you were McLaren and you had one of your drivers trying to blackmail you into giving you number one status by threatening to take his cheating emails to the FIA, thus getting you kicked out of the constructors championship and fined $100 million, would you really want this guy to go on to win the title?

    It's not just British people who want Hamilton to win. Even the likes of Niki Lauda have come out saying Alonso winning this years title would be a joke because of the way he has behaved. Alonso has a well-known track record of publicly slagging off and blaming his team for his own failures. He did it with Renault last year. The fact is he just can't handle being beaten and he really is a paranoid person. He was the same at Renault when Trulli was beating him in qualifying.

    Lewis is better than him, plain and simple. It's plain for everyone to see the two McLaren cars are very evenly matched so Alonso's moans are based on the fact he's not as good as he (or a lot of others) thought.

    If Lewis was slower than Alonso, none of what has happened this season would have been. It's plain frustration. He's just a very bad loser and if he were to win the title this year it would be the most undeserved title I can ever remember.

    Compare with Kimi who also came into a team where Massa is managed by Jean Todt's son, where he learned from their hero Michael Schumacher and in the early part of the season was regularly beating Kimi. Did Kimi complain once? No, he focused on his driving and got the job done!

    Re: Formula 1 China GP

    F1 is a ruthless business dominated by "mega-bucks" spending and prima donna drivers with large egos....some more vocal than others...surprise, surprise; though I still enjoy watching the "circus"



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