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    Future Porsche Race/Road Cars?

    The GT1 is a specification for Lemans, correct?
    The GT3 is a specifiaction for the Super Cup, I think.
    The 959 was designed for Gruppe B series racing.

    And since we now have finally received a "new" version of the 1970's RS, with the introduction of the GT3RS, are there any historical racing affiliation, series or group that Porsche can still base a new car on?

    I'm just curious about what would be coming next if anything, other than a redesigned car.
    I'm more interested in racing-based cars rather than a vehicle like the Carerra GT, Cayenne, Turbo, or regular 996.

    Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas, or are we about to hit the sterilized world of Porsche?

    Also what series is the GT2 affiliated with, if any?

    Re: Future Porsche Race/Road Cars?

    The GT1 was built for FIA GT/LeMans but is no longer. The GT2 does not fit any current regulations, hence you don't see any in the major series. The GT3RSR is homolgated for the ALMS/LeMans GT class. The GT3RS is more a street legal special of the "regular" GT3 (as if it can even be classified as regular?) car but not really for any specific class as far as I know.

    On the Carrera GT, I hope I'm proven wrong but I suspect it'll be a cold day in hell before we ever see a factory CGT in any series FIA/LeMans/or ALMS. It's very difficult to develop a road car into a top level racer nowadays. The "easier" way is to develop the racecar and detune it for the road.


    Re: Future Porsche Race/Road Cars?

    Up until this year, there was no GT3 RSR available from Porsche for racing in series such as ALMS. Just the GT3 RS was available, not to be confused with the current "GT3 RS" offering from Porsche for "normal" customers. Starting in 2004 Porsche is producing the RSR, and teams such as Alex Job Racing will be racing this updated car in the GT class in next year's ALMS racing season.

    We're all hoping for a new prototype-class racer from Porsche like the GT1, but with so much effort being put on the bottom line ($$), don't expect to see Porsche's return to top-tier racing anytime soon.

    Re: Future Porsche Race/Road Cars?

    Didn't you hear about he upcoming Cayenne GT RSR?

    Merry Christmas.

    Re: Future Porsche Race/Road Cars?

    That sounds like a good Photoshop project for some enterprising graphic artist.



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