The reason for this call, is:
1rst) in order to know if I am happy with the car....but second that they are informing all 997 owners, that first model productions have a problem with the key contact, and I should go to dealer in order to check it out .....As we all have seen some 997's (may be only a few), have had some problems all related with the key connection (contact) (as for example, some 997 owners have get out their key off the ignition, and engine was still running!!!!....that is a really important problem and a lot more if its the case of a brand new model from Porsche.

My question is: Are other 997owners that received this call from their dealers, or service of their country???????

BTW: My father bought a Cayenne Turbo!!!, is damn fast!!!. For the next days I'll post some pics of the black beast ....The 997S and the Cayenne Turbo is the perfect combination.....RC might share this statement!!.