in the actual issue of (IMO brillant) british car mag "evo" there's a cool feature about the upcoming TVR "Tuscan R" -- i know that TVR had some quality problems in the past, but a lot of them seem sorted. according to "auto motor sport" they are even planning to set up a dealership network in germany (and probably other places).

anyway, this thing is awesome: combines the special (yes, i like it!) tuscan look with a hard top (makes it stiffer) and performance specs matched by nearly no car i know -- "evo" calls it a "trackday weapon"

kerb weight: approx. 1000kg (carbon everywhere)
vmax: 200mph
engine: 4.0l straight-six, 440bhp
price: GBP 75,000 (less than a 996TT!)

the first models should hit the road pretty soon, TVR is planning to produce 25-50 R-spec tuscans per year.