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    Its a true story that occured to me:

    I had just driven in my 997 C2S when a friend and owner of a modena 360 spider comes to visit. My porsche had only 2200 kms and his spider about 4000.

    we race and play. from standstill i was faster till about 60 kms. up to 100 kms he pulled next to me. to 120 i was quickere again and from there he pulls away. must note that his car has f1 tranny and mine tiptronic.

    we both had stability control on. ferraris suspension feels softer than porsches but feels smoother when entering the bends. it has more body roll too. porshes suspension feels firmer and more solid.

    well, thats the good news so far.
    a day later he testdrives my 997 and crashes it. repair is estimated at 27,000 euro.

    he leaves me his ferrari for ten days only to come for another visit and crash that one too. repair estimate ? 70,000 euro.

    porsche you bolt the parts on and off. ferrrai is all welded aluminium so very man hour consuming.

    luckily he is my dealer who already ordered me a new 997 cabrio that is finished production and awaiting shipment.

    cool ?

    Re: Unbelievable

    Your friend needs to stop horsing around on public roads lest he kills somebody.

    Re: Unbelievable

    Recommend him to take Porsche Driving School .

    Re: Unbelievable

    What the hell!!!!!!!!! ..
    Wow, what a story, your friend must have the best insurance I believe!!!

    How did he crashed the 997S???, poor 360 ..
    But well, things can be replaced not human lifes

    By the way: How is the tiptronic s in the 997S??? comparing it to the 996(if there are any changes at all)

    Re: Unbelievable

    both accidents happened in the same way. running too fast on the straight and hitting into the bend. fortunately no one was involved and nobody hurt as both happened on a very rarely frequented backroad.

    tiptronic is ok. not alot better than on 996. i actually see no sense to tiptronic cause its just a simple automatic with 2 buttons. ferrari f1 is a real clutch tranny that shifts on its own and is very aggressive in sport mode. very very aggressive.

    i believe upcoming dsg will be the best. it has no lag and no real shift point interruptions.

    Re: Unbelievable

    What an amazing story. LOL! Sad, but funny nontheless.
    How in the world can anyone smash TWO cars the same way in a couple of days? Thats beyond me.

    Re: Unbelievable

    Your friend needs to be cool; and slow down. Revvv

    Re: Unbelievable

    well, phil, i feel the same.

    now can you imagine when i received the calls both times the accidents happened ?

    with 997 i this cant be true !! i havent even had enough time to enjoy the car.

    second call he said can you believe the 360 is like the porsche now..

    he had to call me 5 times till i thought it might be true only to go and pick him up.

    i honestly thought he was crying wolf.

    when i saw the car i burst out in laughter which made him turn redder than the car....

    Re: Unbelievable

    Wow, what a story. OK, you can possibly understand wrecking one car, but two? That's someone who does not learn a lesson well. It's good the guy wasn't killed between the two incidents.

    Re: Unbelievable

    I have a friend who co-bought a 360 with a friend of his.
    His friend was loaded ($) but couldn't drive a car to save his life, so the first time it was the friend's turn to drive the car for a few days, he managed to clip a scooter within the first hour he had it.....D'oh!
    No injury to the scooter rider, but the car had to be fixed for $$.

    Another friend of mine bought a Cayenne.
    Got it delivered, drove 300 km (200 miles) back from the dealer, got home, had to pick up his kid and forgot to watch the road going there. Wham-o! Slammed right into a couple of cars holding still on a left turn.
    Car was in the shop for 7 weeks! after driving it for 4 hours.

    WHAT AN 1DIOT !!!

    I have nothing positive to say about this story.

    Re: WHAT AN 1DIOT !!!

    Hey, we all goof off with our cars now and then. These guys just had their bad luck all at once.

    Sorry to hear that!

    Re: WHAT AN 1DIOT !!!

    That is quite funny though. At least nobody got hurt!

    Re: WHAT AN 1DIOT !!!

    John SF 2005 997 S said:
    I have nothing positive to say about this story.

    I second that.
    Just some examples of people with more money than brains. Luckily nobody got wounded.
    Thanks for the stroy though! It is always good to hear that ferrari drivers are different people than porsche drivers... (j/k) but really good to hear the 997S beat the 360! Ill drink some rum-coke on that!

    Re: WHAT AN 1DIOT !!!

    Good Lord. What a waste...I'm sure that driving 9/10 or 10/10 on a public road is NOT a good idea. Then again, the fact that he crashed a 997 and a F360 is pretty good evidence that he can't recognize the limits of his cars and his driving technique.

    Re: WHAT AN 1DIOT !!!

    Yeah, second that. Youd think after crashing the 911, like most people he would have learnt from his mistake and have chilled his driving for a bit but no!!!!

    MMMmmmmm advanced driving course needed me thinks...

    Re: WHAT AN 1DIOT !!!

    Do you plan on continuing to hang out with this friend? Not because he wrecked your car, but because he's got the common sense of a Chimpanzee?

    Re: Unbelievable

    what a fool

    Re: Unbelievable

    Sounds like 2 boys playing with their toys. The good news is that they don't run to daddy when they break them.

    Re: Unbelievable

    sometimes you really cant forsee luck, or bad luck, but of course you can get your precautions, after all, that's why track days do exist.
    In any case, you never know when an accident will hit you. This is of course bad news.



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