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    insurance in Europe

    I am picking up my RS in Germany. Porsche only provides 2 weeks, I am looking for an additional 6 months and Porsche's rate they quoted me for 6 months borders on rape.

    Does anyone have any experience in this?

    Re: insurance in Europe

    Rape or Insurance ?

    Re: insurance in Europe

    Silver_Surfer said:
    Rape or Insurance ?

    Very good.

    Re: insurance in Europe

    Bingo! Last summer the rate was $260/wk US, that would be close to 6k for six months in C4S, I can only imagine what they are quoting you! mmmmmmm10k?

    Re: insurance in Europe

    tkids said:
    Bingo! Last summer the rate was $260/wk US, that would be close to 6k for six months in C4S, I can only imagine what they are quoting you! mmmmmmm10k?

    Man, I thought I getting ripped off. 370 US dollars for 2006 997 C2S cab, 2007 GT3, and 2005 Lexus SC430 per month.

    Re: insurance in Europe

    Yeah those numbers seem to be inline with mine.

    Re: insurance in Europe

    PCNA was supposed to be looking into letting other insurance companies with Euro underwriting substitute for theirs but not sure if they did yet. I had a quote from my company who does Euro underwriting all the time. It was substantially less than Porsche's company.


    Re: insurance in Europe


    I have no idea where your from so skip this if you're already in the EU.

    I bought a Volvo through European delivery a couple of years ago. (Its a much better program than Porsche's but that's a different story.) As an American exporting the car I was exempt from VAT, however there were warnings all over the paperwork telling me to be sure the car was out of Europe within 3 months or I would owe VAT, even if I subsequently exported the car.

    Re: insurance in Europe

    I assume you're located in the US and are picking up your RS under the PCNA Euro delivery program.

    I'm picking up my GT3 at the end of June and Porsche has accepted USAA to provide for the balance of the insurance that I need for the 6 months that I will keep the car there. USAA is able to underwrite insurance in Germany.

    If you're picking up the car towards the end of June, there are about 5-6 US rennlisters doing the same. Feel free to join us. Rennlist Euro Meet

    waiting for PDK: Under new PCNA rules, the car has to be exported to the US within 6 months (used to be 12 months). Under the PCNA European delivery program you pay a rather healthy deposit to cover the VAT payment, which they will refund with interest once the car is registered in the US.



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