I was looking at cars on the used car locator on the Porsche GB website over the weekend.

In particular, I was looking at 997 GT3 prices. Amazing. AFAIK a new 997 GT3 (when launched) used to cost something like Pounds74k in the UK. Now a used one with 5000 miles on the odometer is selling for about Pounds95k. It's actually gone up in price by Pounds21k. Crazy!

Various 996TTS were selling for Pounds67k whereas various 997TT were selling for around Pounds87k.

The moral is IMO that one should buy more desirable Porsches built in limited production numbers. It seems to guarantee much lower depreciation despite the fact that cars built to the same quality but built in much larger numbers depreciate heavily.

This explains why nberry keeps going on about exclusivity and how his Ferraris keep their value.

It's nothing to do with quality in absolute terms but has everything to do with production numbers not keeping pace with desirability.

But the sting in the tail is that high resale values plummet with the launch of the next model range so it's a delicate game to play.