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    A few more details on the F430

    autozine news

    Ferrari has released the first details of the new F430, a vastly upgraded version of today's 360 Modena. The 360 has been around us since 1999. With 17,000 cars sold in such a short period, it is easily the most successful Ferrari in history. 5 years have past and it is time to get a mid-life makeover. This makeover is not just a facelift but more like the progress from 348 to F355. Almost 70% of the parts have been redesigned, most notably is the new 32-valve V8 which produces 90 more horsepower than the current car.

    The new V8 is derived from Maserati's 4.2-litre V8 but with an 1mm increase stroke to take the capacity to 4.3 litres. That's a considerable 700cc more than its predecessor, but its efficiency is even higher, reaching an astonishing 114 hp / litre. The new V8 produces 490 horsepower at 8500 rpm, 90hp more than 360 Modena, 100hp more than Maserati. For the first time, it also produces a healthy amount of torque - 343 lbft at 5250rpm, that뭩 more than its predecessor by a lot and even eclipses the Maserati V8. (see comparison table below)

    The Ferrari V8 follows the Maserati engine to use 4 valves per cylinder, dumping the 5-valve design that can be traced back to Alain Prost's F1 car and, in the road car department, the F355 (if you remember, the last "5" in its name stands for the valve count per cylinder). This signals the end of the 5-valve era. As Ferrari's engineering boss Amedeo Felisa said, "there is no more need of the fifth valve". Details are scarce, but expect it employs variable intake valve timing and a variable geometry intake manifold like the Maserati engine.

    The Ferrari engine shares head and block with the Maserati V8, but it has a number of modifications to increase rev, hence power. Firstly, it employs flat crank instead of the Maserati's fully-balanced cross crank. The lighter flat crank allows it to rev higher, although it will also suffer from more vibration. Secondly, lightweight titanium connecting rods are used instead of forged steel ones. This also enhances revabiilty. Thirdly, compression ratio has been raised from 11.1:1 to 11.3:1 to enhance thermal efficiency. Lastly, intake and exhaust are redesigned to improve breathing. These modifications account for the extra power.

    Despite weighing 60kg more than 360 Modena, F430 still boosts a considerably higher power to weight ratio (338 hp per ton versus 288 hp per ton). It also outshines arch-rival Lamborghini Gallardo (329 hp per ton) and runs it very close in terms of torque per ton. The Ferrari is just 10 horsepower short of the Lamborghini but it carries 70kg less weight.

    As for performance, Ferrari claims a top speed of 196mph (315kph), an increase of 13mph from its predecessor. 0-100kph takes 4 seconds flat (an equivalent to 0-60mph in 3.95 seconds). On paper, this beat the Lamborghini. I am looking forward to see if it can really do that in real world.

    As for chassis, modifications are relatively modest. The basic chassis is still the 360's aluminum spaceframe. All the important dimensions - wheelbase, width, height and tracks - are untouched. Front and rear overhangs are stretched a little to incorporate new aerodynamic treatment. Externally, you can see its shape remains loyal to the 360 Modena, which in my eyes is the sexiest Ferrari since 288 GTO. There are some modifications however. At the nose, there are a pair of larger oval intakes and an additional center intake to enhance cooling to radiators and brakes. Hot air passing through the two radiators exits the car through a new opening at each side in front of the wheels. Above that is a pair of new, vertical headlights resembling Enzo and 612 Scaglietti. At the rear, the whole tail has been reshaped. It incorporates Enzo-style, semi-recessed taillights and a larger, more effective diffuser. Expect this increases downforce. At the fastback, ventilation holes are added to both sides of the rear window, a feature also found in 360 Challenge Stradale.

    F430 uses a recalibrated version of the current suspensions and transmission. Its F1 semi-automatic gearbox has improved program but the quickest shift time remains to be 150ms. Like other latest Ferraris, it gets an integrated control system with 4 driving modes to choose from - Sport, Damp, Winter and Race. These modes alter the setting of the adaptive damping, gearshift response, throttle response, traction control, stability control and the setting of the new electronic differential (E-Diff). Ferrari claims the electronic differential technology was transferred from its F1 cars and is the world's first for production cars. As for braking system, carbon-ceramic discs will be offered as optional equipment.

    The cabin also received a makeover. As you can see from the picture, it adopts a racing-style layout like Enzo, losing somewhat the elegance of today's car.

    Now with the vastly increased power and performance, the F430 is expected to get a price hike of about 5%. Interestingly, when Ferrari introduced 206GT in the late 60s, it was deemed to be a rival of Porsche 911. This did not change much in 308 and 328. Since 348 the V8 line started migrating to a higher category. This process accelerated after the death of F512M, by then Ferrari no longer had a flagship mid-engined sports car to sit above the V8 line. In the mid-80s, 328 produced 270 horsepower. This increased to 300hp in the 348. 360 Modena suddenly jumped to 400hp. Now F430 gets close to the 500hp territory. Today, the V8 line no longer competes with Porsche 911. Instead, its biggest rival is Lamborghini Gallardo. Hopefully the makeover will give it the necessary punch and performance to compete with the Lamborghini. Furthermore, Ferrari still has a trump card in its hand - the Challenge Stradale version of F430.

    Ferrari will formally unveil the F430 in next month's Paris Motor Show. I will bring you more details then.

    It also has a couple of interesting comparison charts.

    Re: A few more details on the F430

    Wow, thats some great information....this car is awesome.

    Although I disagree on the possible Challange Stradale model. With the F430 having most of that cars special features as options or standard I don't see the need for one.

    Re: A few more details on the F430

    WOW - thanks Carlos.... nice report!

    I agree regarding the Stradale Challenge. Actually there is no need for, but I'm quit sure, that within 3 years, there are so many things to put to the car, which offers the chance to place a Challenge.


    .... can't sleep anymore... fall in love to that car... need one

    Re: A few more details on the F430

    I think they may build a CS version becuase the two main differences of the CS version are lighter wight and more power, and since the F430 is no lightweight being alreday 60Kg heavier than the F360, they will probably make a lighweight version of the F430 at the expense of a hefty pricetag (like in the F360CS) & boost up the HP a bit from the new bigger bore engine which has plenty of potential and voila, the new Chalange Stradale version

    Re: A few more details on the F430

    carlos fromspain said:
    I think they may build a CS version becuase the two main differences of the CS version are lighter wight and more power, and since the F430 is no lightweight being alreday 60Kg heavier than the F360, they will probably make a lighweight version of the F430 at the expense of a hefty pricetag (like in the F360CS) & boost up the HP a bit from the new bigger bore engine which has plenty of potential and voila, the new Chalange Stradale version

    When the demand for the new car will eventually drop in a couple of years, F will show up with a Challenge Stradale.

    Re: A few more details on the F430

    Does anyone know if the F 430 will have adjustable ride height feature, like the F 50/Enzo?

    Hi there, Rossi, I've been asking this question everywhere

    Re: A few more details on the F430

    shin said:
    Does anyone know if the F 430 will have adjustable ride height feature, like the F 50/Enzo?

    Hi there, Rossi, I've been asking this question everywhere

    Hi shin, I know, I've read it a couple of times .
    No-one seems to have noticed it except for "dhayek", who once posted that the steering wheel will have five switches, one of them being the height adjustment. Never read anything like this again.

    Re: A few more details on the F430

    Great info, thanks Carlos

    Re: A few more details on the F430

    Hope Dhayek was right about it and others just happened to miss it

    Re: more again

    Auto Express:

    Some months earlier than expected, Ferrari is launching its emphatic answer to the Lamborghini Gallardo and Ford GT. It's called the F430 and will replace the F360 Modena when it goes on sale in the UK in 2005 after its official unveiling at the Paris Show this month. As you can see, the new mid-engined 'entry-level' Ferrari borrows styling cues from the 650bhp Enzo and takes inspiration from the company's invincible Formula 1 cars. The link between Ferrari's road cars and the F1 racers is one the Modenese supercar builder is determined to forge in the minds of the buying public. In order to do so the F430 (the Modena name is dropped) retains the high-revving characteristics of the 360 but ramps up power substantially, to a shrieking 483bhp at 8500rpm from its new 4.3-litre flat-plane-crank V8, and the car is shot through with F1 DNA.

    That jump in power is a significant increase over the 400bhp Modena and comes courtesy of a massive hike in capacity from 3586 to 4308cc. Torque gets a huge leg-up too, rising from 275lb ft at 4750rpm to 343lfb ft at 5250rpm, which should make the F430 feel considerably more potent. Despite a 60kg weight increase to 1450kg, the F430 has a superior power-to-weight ratio to the 360 - 338bhp per ton versus 292 - and also shades the lightweight, 420bhp 360 Challenge Stradale (333bhp per ton) . Ferrari claims that the F430 is capable of dispatching the 0-100kph (62mph) sprint in 4 seconds flat, which means 60mph in sub-four. The top speed is put at 'over 196mph'.

    Both of these figures put the new Ferrari ahead of its chief rival, the 500bhp Lamborghini Gallardo, but Maranello is determined to distinguish its cars from perceived rivals with more than just raw power and acceleration. The link with F1 is key in this plan, and Ferrari road cars will major on technology and high-revving, high-specific-output engines. So far the 360 Stradale is the clearest sign of this shift but the F430 moves things on further.

    Options will include carbon-ceramic brakes and the F1 gearbox, which will come with its most aggressive, 150-millisecond shift software, but there will also be two new F1-derived features as standard. The first is an electronically activated locking rear differential, dubbed E-Diff, and the second a steering-wheel-mounted switch that allows the driver to choose between a number of dynamic strategies. This Formula 1-style rotary switch integrates and adjusts the responses of the gearshift, adaptive damping , stability control and particularly the new E-Diff. The first setting is for low-grip situations, the next for normal driving and the last three settings are where the fun begins. 'Sport' loosens the stability system's electronic grip and shortens the shift time, 'Race' goes one stage further by allowing bigger slip angles before intervening and dials in that 150-millisecond shift program, and the last setting keeps the brutal gearshift but removes the electronic safety net altogether.

    Prices for the F430 have yet to be revealed but early indications from owners who have been flown out to see the car at Maranello suggest that they will be set about 10 per cent higher than the 360 Modena, which is currently priced at Pounds103,275 or Pounds109,775 with the F1 gearbox. UK deliveries will begin in the first half of next year. Expect Spider and Stradale versions in 2006.



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