After reading on the forum about how many people ahve had their wheels nicked or their porsches messed with, do any of you upgrade the standard porsche alarm with a clifford alarm.

I know all new porsches come with cat 1 alarms unlike in the 80's, but there normaly just simple door, boot bonnet, back up siren and 2 wire immobiliser, rather than coming with tilt sensors etc.

And most cars have the vin plate displayed in the window and theives can order a new set of keys with the immobiliser from the dealer and drive your car away, i learned this from a lad i use to know who worked at a a seat dealership.

Although i've not had a car with the standard cat 1 alarm on it, but i'll be getting a clifford on it when i do..

I also use a disklok aswell which are very effective and also stops airbag theft!