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    Driving Impressions: MB e63 AMG

    Had a chance to briefly drive the new e63 AMG. This car was not equipped with the optional Performance Package, which comes with 19" wheels, stiffer suspension, limited slip differential etc.

    It did however have the optional P2 package, which included the best factory installed stereo system I've ever heard - made by Harmon Kardon, with 610 watts and 14 speakers. Having owned very high end tube gear at home, it was a pleasure to hook-up my iPhone and actually enjoy listening to music while driving. It really puts the stereo in my Turbo to shame.Smiley

    To more serious matters, the moment I fired-up the car, I was immediately reminded why I've always enjoyed naturally aspirated motors - they just sound so good. Especially this one!   Smiley   It runs quietly until you get on the gas. Then it starts to sing. The engine is very responsive, providing instant torque, even at low rpm, making it feel more powerful than an M5. With 525hp and its contained weight of 1840kg (for such a large sedan), this car rocks.  Smiley

    The gearbox is equally impressive. Smoother than any other DSG gearbox but with immediate gear changes in Manual Mode - which is one of 5 modes available. The throttle blips on downshifts are another bonus.

    This vehicle rode on the standard 18" wheels, which provided a very nice ride with the suspension set in its Comfort setting.  Two additional settings are available - Sport and Sport Plus. Unfurtutely, I didn't have the opportunity to test its handling but the car felt absolutely solid and tight - very nice.

    The interior looks and feels the way I believe an AMG should - sporty in a luxurious way. The seats were very supportive, similar to the Turbo's optional ones. The pedals are brushed metal - nice look. And finally, IMO this model now showcased MB's safety features. Intelligent Cruise control, blind spot warning arrows on the side view mirrors, vibrating steering wheel if the vehicle detects lane learing - (while falling asleep at the wheel).

    Overall, a very impressive sedan for the money.  Smiley

    Oh, I forgot to mention that I didn't care for the large clock in the dash and I believe MB could have done a much better job in its design. However, IMHO the AMG version does look much better than the standard one - especially the front fascia.

    997TT Blk/Blk 05 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic

    Re: Driving Impressions: MB e63 AMG

    Seems to be pretty refined! Thanks for the first impressions

    Cash, gas or ass... no one rides for free!

    Re: Driving Impressions: MB e63 AMG

    Thanks a lot. That was a very readable review. Yup, a strong V8 sounds good!

    I watched this the other day all about the safety features you mention

    get past the first minute

     this one is about the looks

    Re: Driving Impressions: MB e63 AMG

    Thanks for the review, but I think the new E-class is a design failure. The new LED's looks aftermarket and they were just slapped onto the middle of the foglight grill (not including the 63 variant). The design just doesn't scream MB, but more Hyundai. The instrument cluster looks cheap, plastic and bulky. The car must drive wonderfully, but what on earth were they thinking! I sound like such a critic Smiley

    Found some of these photo's from a local site and, well they speak for themselves.


    Re: Driving Impressions: MB e63 AMG

    Thanks for this write-up Smiley The AMG E63 seems to be a good product. Recent tests by SportAuto (in particular) also indicate that the car delivers an excellent performance to money ratio.

    Re: Driving Impressions: MB e63 AMG

    i think they could have made the body kit much much more aggressive to distinguish it from the lesser models with poser AMG kit on..


    not a fan of the LED light either, the Audi ones are much better designed and integrated with the body.

    and the square exhausts are so 90's.....  cant they just stick with the quad-oval ones???

    the interior already looks dated.... even my C-class has a better styled interior.  but then again, Mercs can never do a proper interior...  maybe except the SL AMG ones.... which still look alright after all these years.


    and why no mini- LCD speedo like the S-Class??  

    who needs a clock this big in the dash?? seriously??


    i think people should hold off till the new M5.   or get a second hand RS6 for a steal.....

    a big red cross for Merc.

    Re: Driving Impressions: MB e63 AMG

    I have to disagree.

    At first I also did not like the design of the E class and thought the 63 also was too non-discreet.

    But in person I found I really do like the lo-key design and I really love the line above the rear wheel wells - which can only be appreciated on a metallic painted car - solid colour cars don't look as good since they hide this "kink".  This car in white looks especially weird with the space grey interior, ugly IMO, but the car in silver and black interior looks great.

    I agree the big clock on the dash is not too intuitive, but the car drives wonderfully and the upgraded seats are awesome. 


    Back in the 70's and 80's MB cars could never be considered real lookers either, but they were solidly built.


    Re: Driving Impressions: MB e63 AMG

    Interesting write up, thanks.  Due to the fact that you can have 3 people in the back for me is a big plus.

    Happy Driving

    Re: Driving Impressions: MB e63 AMG

    Mike - I share your thoughts. The car indeed doesnt look like MB. I had the 4 and the 2 door for couple of days (rentals on business trips). I was very disappointed. The seats and handling feels still like the parent. Further on the 2 door is so flat that even myself with 178 cm was touching all the time the ceiling. The seats are ok, but if you level them in a sportsdriver mode (upright) the ceiling is to low.

    So - totally disappointed from handling, look and worst - even from the feel and touch!



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