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    Jeremy Clarkson's Review of 997 (Standard)

    You will find it here:
    Jeremy Clarkson's Review

    As often, he doesn't talk about the car much, but a well-written and with some (English) humor article, with an interesting and by some-others-shared opinion about sport-cars-derivated convertible.

    Re: Jeremy Clarkson's Review of 997 (Standard)

    He mostly talks about his Ford GT

    His reason for not getting the cabriolet is pretty dumb but I guess it is supposed to be humorous.

    Re: Jeremy Clarkson's Review of 997 (Standard)

    I agree with him saying don't get the Cab because it gets you too much attention. I quickly add, it depends where you live though. In LA no one notices. With the top down, in conservative reserved locales like, Wellesley MA, you really stand out and receive derision as a clueless conspicuous consumer.

    Re: Jeremy Clarkson's Review of 997 (Standard)

    ... I have the mental age of a seven-year-old.

    At least he realizes his mental deficits.

    This guy is a living paradox. He manages to combine to opposing statements in one sentence, his train of thought is absolutely breathtaking! Furthermore, he's a paragon of english understatement.

    Honestly, I'm a bit tired of his Nazi parallels and engineering over physiscs stuff. Reading one of his articles is like watching one of those private TV channels: mental dumbness as a form of entertainment.

    RG Tim

    Re: Jeremy Clarkson's Review of 997 (Standard)

    MMD said:
    ... like, Wellesley MA, you really stand out and receive derision as a clueless conspicuous consumer.

    Envy dressed up as sanctimony.

    Re: Jeremy Clarkson's Review of 997 (Standard)

    You have to take Jeremy Clarkson with a pinch of salt, a lot of what he says is tongue in cheek.

    As for his reviews he's more automotive comedian than serious reviewer

    I like him just because he's funny

    Re: Jeremy Clarkson's Review of 997 (Standard)

    Made me laugh and i actually agree with the argument that sometimes ,especially on certain cars,(911 being one )the coupe is a better choice than the cabriolet

    Re: Jeremy Clarkson's Review of 997 (Standard)

    robbo im with ou on that, the 911 looks better as a coupe

    Re: Jeremy Clarkson's Review of 997 (Standard)

    Never liked the cab either, except the old air-oil cooled series...

    Re: Jeremy Clarkson's Review of 997 (Standard)

    He's gonna speak about his ford GT for centuries to come...

    Have you guys noticed that in every testdrive he makes, he always spends half the time talking about everything but the car is testing. Could be another car, a previous model or a reference to people nobody has ever heard of...

    It's just, can't he get to freaking point !!! I mean, what have we learned? If you had to sum up what he said, what would you say? Me, nothing. It's an impossible task. He talks and talks...but at the end, you don't know [censored].

    Read that article was a complete waste of time.

    Re: Jeremy Clarkson's Review of 997 (Standard)

    well Clarkson is indeed loosing the meaning on this one!

    I mean god i read the article and until last page i thought it was a Ford GT review!! with some info on the 911!! What is this guy ,did he get his car for free and payed off by advertisement?
    Plus the performance figures are wrong,where did he got the 5,5 0-62 for 997? Next he will tell us the Ford accelerates 62 in 3,4 secs!



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