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    997 Thoughts and Plans, Sound Good?

    Likes regarding the 997S:

    classic 911 shape,
    the "correct" headlights,
    the advances in suspension,
    the interior
    the guage cluster,
    the Porsche heritage,
    reminds me of my 911T I had when I was younger.

    Dislikes about the 997S:
    wheels and optional wheel choices
    video screen/buttons
    19 inch wheels
    no spare, no possible spare
    steering wheel(s)
    "fake" quads.
    "agressive" looking engine vent slats

    Since I'm not thrilled with the car, (I was _expecting_ to be thrilled by it with all the pre-introduction hoopla) and since my 04 M3 is no slouch, I've decided to wait for about a year and see how this 997 shakes out. Maybe I'll place an order in six months.

    Anyway, sorry again for my repeated criticism the car when DIFFERENT people brought the subject up or asked me _directly_ or indirectly what I thought. I guess some people think the board is just for themselves and got annoyed.

    See ya later! Good luck with your cars and don't get a flat because there's no spare!

    Re: 997 Thoughts and Plans, Sound Good?

    Your sarcasm is cheeky but I get your point.
    I like the 997 a lot but I am not in love with it either, not the for the same reasons though but it is as a sport car, an amazing achievement.
    Just a bit annoyed by the fake design details, such as the four pipes or the door handle, etc.
    I saw it in person and the 19 wheels look much better in person, overall quality impressions of the interior if far higher.
    I trust RC's judgement as I haven't driven the car yet, I'll stick with my 996 mk2 for now, really happy with it.
    And then when the time comes, the offer list shall be huge:
    - 997 mk2 (Direct fuel injection? More HP? the mk1 but better)
    - New Maserati confirmed for 450 hp, if they keep the weight reasonnable and Pininfarina's desing, it should catch our interest.
    - BMW M4, rumors of V8? should be a cracker
    - Aston V8 etc etc etc...

    Re: 997 Thoughts and Plans, Sound Good?

    Fanch, there is more and more talk about that BMW rival to the 911 using the 400HP V8 derived from the M5's V10, the SMG box, and shaped sort of like the BMW x-coupe concept. Probably named Z9 or Z8 (though it will have no relation to the past heavy and clumpsy retro Z8, this one would be a purer sportcar). There are no definitive plans but sure would be interesting.
    Right now, though not a car for me (too big), I'm waiting to see the spartan interiored, lightweight, powerboosted V10, M6 CSL

    Other projects in the drawing board for the future:

    - Lotus 2+2 mid-engined GT for 2006 if aproved?
    - Honda's NSX replaced finally, the HSC concept?
    - Toyota is considering bringing back the Supra.
    - Baby Pagani?
    - Baby McLaren/Merc?
    - New TVR management will bring new models?

    Re: 997 Thoughts and Plans, Sound Good?

    Francois, I liked the look of the 997 when I first saw it many many months ago on two unofficial pre-press pictures.
    But I can't say I fell in love with it.
    When I saw the 997 for the first time live in Weissach, I started to fall in love but if I would have owned a 996 by that time, I don't think it would have been enough to sell the 996 and go for the 997.
    But after I testdrove a 997 Carrera S, I not only started to really love it but it started to grow on me.
    And the second test drive made me a believer, the 997 Carrera S with 20 mm chassis was for me what I always wanted, a GT3 with two rear seats, PSM and some of those little gimmicks computer nerds like me always like.
    I would have wished to have more power (380 HP would have been perfect but I can't say the 997 Carrera S has a weak engine) but you can't have it all I guess.

    The 997 Carrera S with 20 mm chassis feels like a go-kart, it reminds me a lot of my past Lancia Integrale days and this might have influenced my decision. It is a fun car, a little boy racer for the kid in us men. Of course it is no GT3 and no 996 Turbo but it is a "pure" 911 without spoilers, wings or whatever. And driving it creates pure adrenalin...

    Drive it (20 mm chassis) and you'll understand me. Or if you're ever near Munich, give me a call and I show to you what I mean.

    Re: 997 Thoughts and Plans, Sound Good?

    MaxErnst said:
    Dislikes about the 997S:
    wheels and optional wheel choices
    video screen/buttons
    19 inch wheels
    no spare, no possible spare
    steering wheel(s)
    "fake" quads.
    "agressive" looking engine vent slats

    1) Talk to your dealer, maybe he will trade the S wheels for the 18" wheels on a standard 997 that he has in stock. Dealers exchange parts all the time.
    2) Order a spare from a turbo and get the roof rack. (I don't know if the roof rack will fit in the trunk when not in use)
    3) Since the PCM cannot be removed, order the NAV, chrono, and BOSE so at least you get maximum use out of something that you do not like but has to be there.
    4) Order a steering wheel that is closest to the one on the standard 997. Its the closest one to the 996 version.
    5) Shortly, someone will come out with a different exhaust that you can exchange the quad pipes for.
    6) For the engine slats, I am sure someone will come out with fixed wing that you can replace it with.

    So with a little work, you can have a 997 almost exactly the way you want it.

    Re: 997 Thoughts and Plans, Sound Good?

    Nice Carlito!
    The future is bright!
    Future BMW are looking interesting indeed.
    M6 CSL could be a winner, although I agree with you, it's a big car, maybe too big. But Future M3 (M4?) V8 should be great.
    I'm also following the future of Honda and Toyota's future sport cars amigo, they don't usually disappoint if you can live with the sushi on wheels image.
    Christian, I'll hold your word for it man!
    Munchen, here I come!
    I know how it'll end up though.
    ALways the head vs heart debate.
    "You buy a Porsche with your head and then, the heart always follows!"



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