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    08 Pricing

    Hello Everyone,

    New to the forum. In the market for an 08 Turbo. Wondering what type of discounts or pricing i should expect on a new tip Turbo. I have been quoted 5k off sticker on an in stock 08. wondering if i can do better.


    Re: 08 Pricing

    So i guess its fair to assume that everyone is paying sticker?

    Re: 08 Pricing


    Welcome to the forum. Depends on the geographical area & dealer of course, but 5k off is one of the larger discounts I've seen. Here in California, in general people get 0 to 3k off--there are exceptions of course. A number of posters get no discount because the Turbo is produced in relatively limited number this year.

    If the car has options you want, take it immediately! OTOH, if critical options are missing and color not quite what you expect, to me, *NOT WORTH IT*. If personal experience with my Turbo baby is any indication, you'll love this car so much 5k will be meaningless. Really, YMMV but it is a relative small amount to not have exactly what you want in buying a near supercar level 911. I guarantee you will kick yourself afterwards. What options does this car have?

    Re: 08 Pricing

    Thanks Can,

    The car has everything that I want (Sport crono pkg, Adaptive sports seats, cocoa interior.) the only thing that I am hesitant about is the macadamia brown exterior...It looked great in the show room at night but have not seen it in the daytime(not sure if I would get sick of the color)...good thing is there are not many Porsches in general in this color but wondering if there is a reason for that...Either way I plan on making a decision this weekend sometime and look forward to being a member here...


    Re: 08 Pricing

    Kamal,were you at Herb Chambers Porsche in Boston ? I was there a few weeks ago poking around, their website says that they will discount any 2008 turbos in stock by $5,000. Between the showroom on the third floor and the back garage are they must have about 10 turbo's, cabs and coupes in stock.

    Re: 08 Pricing

    You are very welcome Kamal. Pardon me if you are a Porsche veteran and already know, but Macadamia Brown is a recently introduced color and not what I would consider a "popular" Porsche color so that's why you don't see many around. Exterior color is (obviously) a critical decision so take your time! Ask yourself if you would get this color if you were allowed to order the car from scratch and if discount is not an issue, if the answer is no, I would most definitely pass. I cannot stress enough that 5k will be meaningless on this amazing car, especially if you plan to keep it more than 2-3 years. On the other hand, if you are in love, do it!

    A friend in the Los Angeles Porsche club has a cocoa *fetish* , so I've seen many many cars with cocoa. We actually talked about this very combination of Macadamia Brown and Cocoa as one that will work. If possible please take some pictures of the car with a real camera (not cell phone camera) and post them there or email to me at; I am curious. A good shot would be one with the door open so you could see the leather color against the exterior color. You might want to do this for yourself to look at over the next couple days anyway.

    BTW, there are rumors of 2008 being the last year that the Turbo will have the GT1 engine variant
    In addition, although Porsche has hedge against currency fluctuation, the dollar has taken a pounding for so long I can't help but think there will be a hefty increase for 2009 model cars. You might just be making a great move here getting a car at this time.

    Re: 08 Pricing

    I did check out herb chambers in Boston and spoke to them yesterday as well...They will take 5K off any in stock car but they do not have any that are tip coupes or any that have the cocoa interior that I was looking for...There is one avail in the states that is GT silver with cocoa and tip...but my current car is silver and don't want 2 silver cars...

    Another reason that I would personally shy away from chambers is because I have heard countless horror stories about there service depts. and customer service after the sale (not sure if this is true with their Porsche dealership but my sister had an issue with a Honda she bought from them and they were not that welcoming when I brought in my Infiniti to their other dealership)

    Re: 08 Pricing

    I am new to Porsche and it is good to know that Macadamia is a new color (i personally like cobalt but my wife will be driving this at times and doesnt want what she calls a masculine color)...I will deff take some pictures over the weekend and post them up as soon as i can...I think that the combo worked very well together and will most likely have the center console painted to match the macadamia on the outside if I decide to go with it.

    I think that you are right about the pricing going up on 09's...when deciding over what to go with I checked out the Aston Martin vantage and the rep had told me that the 09's would go up in price for that very reason...



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