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    Australian GP (spoiler)

    Alonso third!!

    what a talent! what skill! what a lanch! what perfection! what potential... OK I'll shut up know

    Ferrari had cleraly the best car & with the best tires (bridgestones) for this track which under the hands of their brilliant drivers made them invincible. Hopefully in the next GP of Malasia, Michelin will have the uper hand there probably and we will see more of a show.

    And Montoya I wouldn't be surprised if he got a penalty after the race for agresively and purposedly pushing two drivers onto the grass and almost ruining the race for evryone in the very firts corner. I'm glad Ralph finished in front of him and shadow him within the team, Montoya will be probaly in McLaren next year anyway.

    Sad to see the McLaren strugle like that but OTOH those BAR and Button

    The new rules turned out to be good, no automatic launch proved mor exiting, faster pit times for more strategic posibilities, etc.

    Re: Australian GP (spoiler)


    I have to admit, I was impressed with Alonso's performance as well. And even though I'm still not quite as enthusiastic about him as you are, I'm SLOWELY coming around to acknowledge his talent.

    I also agree with your comment about Button. Would love to see Villeneuve's face right now.

    Already looking forward to Sepang. I'm almost certain we'll see a different outcome there.

    Good rest of the weekend!


    Re: Australian GP (spoiler)

    F1 is a complete waste of time, Ferrair always wins, there's always one or two races in a year won by BMW, but otherwise, its Ferrari this and Ferrari that, they keep changing the rules to keep Ferrari from winning, but its still the same old story.

    The only reason I watch is to hope someone crashes, so I can hear the safety cars, spekaing of which, did anyone hear the SLK go past!?? What a sound!!!

    Re: Australian GP (spoiler)

    Just 22 years old and many more years to come

    Re: Australian GP (spoiler)

    I agree, I think we will see quite a different show at Malasia too. They had 40*C there last season which favors the Michelins as oposed to the Ferrari's Bridgestones, and also its a track that doesn't favor the engine like on Australia so the others like Renault have a better chance agaisnt Ferrari and Williams.

    The Renault has 50HP less than the Williams for example and Alonso was early shifting at 16,000RMP to preserve the motor for reliability worries, while Montoya was shifting at the limit of the engine 18,875RPM) which gives more merit to Alonso's constant lap times in 1:25-1:26 throughout the race and also not making any mistakes. Like Ron says, at 22yoa, he is quite a promise. I was also hoping to see the other one of the "playstation generation" ,Kimi, battle it up there but unfortunately the McLaren are having big problems, I feel bad for him.

    So I hoping for a great show at Malasia and praying fopr heat . Also I can't wait to see how the new Bahrain track turns out too
    I was a happy thing to see the Monday newspapers today showing the F1 race on their covers instead of the usual soccer stuff

    Re: Australian GP (spoiler)

    As they say, you can win a battle against Ferrari, but you can't win the war

    ( is it just me or I have been using the smirk smiley way too often lately?).



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