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    Need Rennteam help - 987S - RMS leak - warranties

    Took my 23 month old 987S for 1st service today, 20 days before the warranty runs out. (16000 miles covered)

    Was told there was a serious RMS leak, needing at least 10 hours of labour and parts to rectify. Luckily all covered by my warranty (thank god I didn't wait any longer for the service ! ).

    Needless to say I was surprised - the car has been treated "like royalty". Never ONCE exceeded 2500 rpm before the engine coolant was up to 80 degrees C. Never abused the engine. Only spent 2 nights outside of a nice cosy garage.
    I guess the fundamental design flaw has come to the surface....

    I must decide at the end of the month if I take the Porsche Extended Warranty for year 3 - cost Pounds900/$1800/1500EUR.
    If I plan to keep the car for another year, does the fact that I've had RMS problems/seals changed make it MORE or LESS likely I'll have this trouble in the future???

    Are RMS issues covered by the Porsche Extended Warranty?

    Is it worth it, I wonder? The cost is really quite steep (though I accept a lot less than a new engine....)

    On my 4 year old Toyota MR2, the engine totally disintegrated on the motorway one day, ruining the cats too. Even though the car was out of warranty, Toyota replaced all components (bill: Pounds8000) free of charge. Now this is what I call good customer service! Do Porsche ever behave in this way???

    Thanks for your help, Rennteamers.

    Re: Need Rennteam help - 987S - RMS leak - warrant

    The RMS seal you have in probably the latest design, developed from the one used on the Cayenne.

    Porsche are a little more geneerous nowadays int he UK with RMS leaks outside warranty, but its not always the case sadly (although the fact you will have FSH for another 23 motnhs will help your case).

    Some cars are OK on a new seal, others consume them like tyres although the cases are much less on the 987 than the previous 986 series.

    Is the warranty worth it - always tough one, especially as the cost recently rose by Pounds170 (or 25%). I guess it depends on your circumstances - if the worst happened and the engine failed could you lay your hands quickly on enough dosh for a rebuild (circa Pounds4k) or a new engine (Pounds10k plus fitted).

    Its not quite the done deal after the price hike, i will be thinking carefully come September.

    Bear in mind thw extended warranty also includes roadside assistance and recovery across Europe which would cost you over Pounds100 from the RAC anyway.

    Re: Need Rennteam help - 987S - RMS leak - warrant

    Won't your repaired engine have a warranty for their parts and workmanship etc..? That might be enough to get you through another year without buying a extra warranty.

    Re: Need Rennteam help - 987S - RMS leak - warrant

    Just collected my car.... Official Porsche UK policy: will attend to all RMS issues free of charge for the first 5 years of the vehicle's life. No need for extended warranty.



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