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    1st Real Problem on the 997--QUESTION

    Today was the 1st warm day of the season in Washington, DC. So I noticed my air conditioner has a problem. Stopped in at Porsche of Arlington and they think the system is not fully charged with refrigerant so I'll come back in the morning to get that done. Thank goodness I took tomorrow off to burn some of my vacation time and do my federal taxes.

    Question for the folks, who are far more knowledgeable than me on P-car issues: Does the lack of a fully charged system point to other problems in the air conditioning system like a potential leak or was a factory tech' asleep at the wheel on that cold rain November day when my auto was built?

    (Picture of the goodies at the dealership....Mine is the 3rd back)

    Re: 1st Real Problem on the 997

    Holminator said:
    Does the lack of a fully charged system point to other problems in the air conditioning system like a potential leak or was a factory tech' asleep at the wheel on that cold rain November day when my auto was built?

    I'd guess that the metering of AC fluid charge would be fully or partly automated to eliminate one of the risks you mentioned, leaving a leak as the more likely cause of the problem.

    Re: 1st Real Problem on the 997

    This most likely means a leak somewhere. I have a VW Touareg that has been recharged 5 times in the past year for the same problem. The service guys can add a UV dye to the refridgerant to try to find the leak. The VW leak was recently traced to a hose so hopefully next week it will be fixed once and for all.

    Re: 1st Real Problem on the 997

    Should take a "minute" to figure what's wrong. Just inject refridgerant/dye and follow the system and look for leaks. Hopefully just tighten a coupling between components. If it's the compressor shaft seal, that would be bad in terms of time in shop to change out with a new compressor.

    Re: 1st Real Problem on the 997

    Mine had the same problem. They juiced it and it lost gas again. I'd save yourself a possible trip and have them keep it for a bit and make sure it doesn't leak again. BTW, it was a faulty seal that needed replacing.
    OK, here's what it was exactly. "Inspected and found freon leak at low side schrader valve, necessary to replace o ring to resolve and recharge system"

    Re: 1st Real Problem on the 997

    Thanks!!! As Murphy would have it, my computer gave up the ghost tonight as well. I'm writing this thanks on my Treo! Darn cat put H2O in my computer.

    Re: 1st Real Problem on the 997

    *cough* get clear sidemarkers

    Re: 1st Real Problem on the 997

    Right after I get a computer. Poor me. Hahahaha!



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