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    Guessing about 998 & 988

    Sometimes it's fun to noodle what might be without the benefit of any insider knowledge; so if those of you with a view "inside" know better, let's hear it! In the absence of that here's what I think we might get.

    Aluminum tub which will make the whole car much lighter without the need to keep adding more power to compensate for weight. Also more aluminum/composite body panels for the same reason

    (This would be a little like Aston Martin's approach which allows them enormous flexibility in terms of what configurations they can produce. Most of the help for this will come from Audi and Alcoa who have been the driving force behind the A2 and A8, not to mention Lamborghini...Different front and rear aluminum subframes would also allow for different additional configurations like mid front [like SLR] or front engine [like 928].)

    Transverse gearbox which will allow the flat 6 or even a flat 8 to move closer to the center of the vehicle in the case of 998.

    No need to increase engine capacity if the car is substantially lighter, but add FSI for increased efficiency. Question: how much stretch is left in the current engine?

    Sports exhaust as standard.

    Carbon ceramic clutch which will allow the center of gravity to be lower.

    DSG or stick gearbox options only, no Tip

    2 configurations of the car, equivalent to "low fat" and "full fat". With lightweight everything in the low fat version, and minimal electronics and electric motors. Or full fat with most of today's options as standard to put the car on a par with BMW or Mercedes.

    Body styles: narrow and "S" wide body for 2 and 4 wheel drive. Reversion to "old" style targa with removable roof panel. Possible "hatchback" rear window if rigidity could be maintained.

    Tricky issues to face: new safety regulations aimed at reducing injury to pedestrians. How will this affect Porsche's design of 998 and 988?

    Anyone have the real inside scoop???

    Re: Guessing about 998 & 988

    We are still speculating on 997 & 987 my friend, don't let our brains process too much at the time

    Nevertheless, your hypothesis regarding the 998 & 988 is an interesting one.

    Re: Guessing about 998 & 988


    Well as my first post i can't help mention that a study like that has already been done by a portuguese car magazine. (i'm from Portugal)
    It was called "Project 999", and they went a bit crazy... I didn't bought the magazine at the time, but i've read it and heres a sum of what i can remember:
    They said that in order to improve efficiency, the 911 would have to become a middle engine car, which is totally absurd... In racing versions, ok it's acceptable, but as normal road cars it is completly ridiculous. They also said that this would improve aerodynamics since as the engine isn't so far in the back they would be able to add extractors to create ground effect. Of course a middle engine car is more well balanced and all... but the rear engine configuration has been the trade mark of the 911 and it must keep it this way...

    Another point they mentioned was the increase of cilinders... From a flat 6 to a flat 8. This way, and mantaining the cilinder capacity, it would become a 4.5 litre engine, that with the current efficiency of 100 bhp/litre it would make it a 450 bhp atmosferic car... (The turbo would have insane power then...)

    They also make a little drawing of how it could look like... It's 911 but the middle engine configuration was clearly visible there...

    Well that's what i remember of it. I'll try to get a copy of the magazine and see more details.

    Bye for now

    Re: Guessing about 998 & 988

    Actually, with current cylinder size, it would be 4.8L as a flat-8 (480HP C2/4 or over 500HP as GT3 style motor)

    Re: Guessing about 998 & 988


    4.8 it is...
    I just guessed the capacity by memory and put a number to exemplify...

    Do you agree with any of the changes?!
    What do you think will change?

    Re: Guessing about 998 & 988

    I don't have any inside info, but I think your guesses are pretty interesting. Unfortunately, your "low fat" version will probably not be available in the US (heck, even the GT3 is over 3,100 lbs. in road trim today). Would love to see a new version in the 2,700 lb range.



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