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    Black, Cocoa, Yellow - color combination

    Hi everyone, I am fairly new to this board and not even close to reading all posts but I want to say thank you already for giving me a lot of inspiration and knowledge. I am from Germany and about to order my first porsche. And as with many of you, the color part proves to be the most difficult decicion by far. I dont like black interior and the light brown gets dirty quickly and reflects the light too much. So now i am really in love with the cocoa brown. So far so good. Many of you recommend something grey on the outside to match but somehow i really only like black metalic as exterior color. So now the difficult parts comes and thats why i ask for advise: i have never seen the combination of black ext., cocoa int. and yellow seatbelts as well as maybe the cupholder front in yellow. the rest all leather, pcm included. The car i am looking at would be a C4S with ceramic brake which is also yellow, hence my idea for the seatbelts :-). black and cocoa are just too dark alone and need some color somewhere i think but again i never have seen that combination before and i am not sure how it would look. Any thoughts?
    Good weekend to all,

    Re: Black, Cocoa, Yellow - color combination

    I wouldn't go for yellow seatbelts in a cocoa interior. Doesn't fit to the classic brown colour IMO.

    If you want a different colour in the interior, I would choose the silver seatbelts with cocoa.

    Re: Black, Cocoa, Yellow - color combination

    would definitely not do the yellow seatbelts with cocoa. cocoa and black is not a typical combo but I did see a black/cocoa boxster in a dealership and it was OK. I wouldn't do it, but it's up to you.

    there are some other choices. The two - tone brown/black interior is very nice or the terracotta/black two tone. stonen grey would also be ok with black as would natural grey, which is almost black.

    Re: Black, Cocoa, Yellow - color combination

    Be sure to see the Cocoa in person before you order it. Photos of that color are notoriously mis-representative.

    Brightly colored belts look excessive IMO. BTW, interior is already too bizzy. What are you trying to say with them? You (and your passengers) should value safety precautions and crash survivability soooo much that you intentionally make the emergency equipment explode with color? Would be justified in a military helicopter or a full-blown race car... .

    Re: Black, Cocoa, Yellow - color combination

    okay you guys, silver seatbelt it is then. i am banning the yellow from the inside. thanks you all for your comments.

    Re: Black, Cocoa, Yellow - color combination

    seranad said:
    okay you guys, silver seatbelt it is then. i am banning the yellow from the inside. thanks you all for your comments.

    Good decision!

    Don't want to be an opinionated a*****e

    Sorry if I (we) talked you out of it.

    My honest opinion vs. my ability to be a supportive friend are at odds.

    If you got the yellow belts in your car and dropped over to show me the new car I would _LIKE_ the yellow belts. Why? Because you obviosuly liked them enough to get them.

    Am I lying to my friend by telling him I (now) like them? No. I'm happy that my friend is happy and so I like the belts because they make him happy.

    OTOH, if I see the car anonymously parked on the street with the yellow belts I would think, "UGH, it's those crazy colored belts again!"

    Funny thing the human mind and human heart, huh?

    Basically people's informed and reasoned opinions are powerful and valuable, they create and solve problems at the same time: exactly what we need when attempting to make a big decision on our own.



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