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    Vw,audi, seat, lcd diagnostic display.

    I've come across this gadget, which is an lcd display which plugs into your diagnostic port and displays fault codes, boost pressure, air fuel ratio, air intake temp, maf air flow etc

    I know some of you have vw's or audi and may find this useful..

    It costs around £170 to £220 around $370 depending on mounting options, it comes as a diy display or comes pre made in the air vent, or you can get it in a sealed box which you can plug in and stick anywhere.

    The liquid is a multifunctoin gauge & diagnostics tool which can display many types of information related to your car's performance.  Displaying data in either a traditional gauge format as welll as a scrolling graph alowing data history to be seen visually.


    Main Menu

    Gauge Display
    Graph Display
    G force
    Speed timing
    Faults and adaptations
    Multigauge (Coolant, Air, N75, Boost)

    Sub Menus

    Gauge Display
    Engine power
    Boost pressure
    Cmd pressure
    Mass Air Flow
    Air Fuel Ratio
    Air intake temp
    Exhaust temp
    Coolant temp
    N75 position
    Oil temp

    Graph data 
    Engine power 
    Boost pressure
    Cmd pressure
    Mass Air Flow
    Air Fuel Ratio
    Air intake temp
    Exhaust temp
    Coolant temp
    N75 position
    Dyno plot 
    Timing Correction plot

    G - Force Display
    Bar Graph

    Speed timing
    0-60mph acceleration timing 
    0-100mph acceleration timing

    Faults and Adaptations
    Display and Erase Fault Codes
    Big turbo setting for up to 500hp engines
    English, French, Finnish and German language versions
    Imperial or Metric units
    Audi s4/rs4
    Diy kit above or handheld ''cube'' display below






    Re: Vw,audi, seat, lcd diagnostic display.

     Cool gadget!

    Just wandering if it would work in a Porsche, too? ODB should be pretty much standardized?

    Re: Vw,audi, seat, lcd diagnostic display.

     so cool!!! wish they had it for other cars!

    09 Ferrari 430 Scuderia

    Re: Vw,audi, seat, lcd diagnostic display.

    Wish it was larger than a stamp! and ood luck reading that 100x100 resolution...

    Cash, gas or ass... no one rides for free!

    Re: Vw,audi, seat, lcd diagnostic display.

    Well if you could play with a gameboy then that is easily read! Smiley

    I soppose it may work for porsches, but if not i can't see it being a hard problem to make it work, because it's only software related.

    If you dropped them an email i'm pretty sure they'd be able to say if it does or doesnt work, plus if it doesnt, they may decide to make them for porsches or any other car for that matter.

    Because if theres a demand for a product i'm pretty sure they will supply it.

    I know mike could make one of theses with one hand while eating his tea with the other Smiley 




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