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    "Awsome Spy Photos" Post

    Hey guys, here are the photos...unfortunally i just couldnt get the scanner to work so i had to photo the mag.But as soon as i can i'll post a scan with good quality.

    Hope you like the photos

    Again sorry for the not so good quality of the photos.



    Re: "Awsome Spy Photos" Post


    Re: "Awsome Spy Photos" Post


    Re: "Awsome Spy Photos" Post


    Re: "Awsome Spy Photos" Post


    Re: "Awsome Spy Photos" Post

    6th and last one...

    Re: "Awsome Spy Photos" Post

    oh man...afterall is just 2 photos of the boxster coupé and not 3.

    Hope you guys like the photos.

    Sorry again for the low quality..


    If using these photos on another board dont forget to credit


    Re: "Awsome Spy Photos" Post

    Wow, can't wait to see the undisguised Turbo!!! Thanks for the pics!

    PS: shouldn't credit go to the magazine rather than to rennteam?...

    Re: "Awsome Spy Photos" Post

    The test that acompanies the photos says the following:

    -Boxster coupé is going to be called Boxster SC
    -Boxster with 2.6 and 240bhp, S version with 3.4 and 280 bhp
    -17" wheels standard, 18" and 19" optional, no more 16" <- i think these information is quite stupid, if i'm not wrong, 16" are gone for quite some time, 17" are now standard and i'm pretty sure that 18" will be standard with the 987.
    -Future optionals are ceramic brakes, adaptive bixenon lights, 6 speed tiptronic.
    -Boxster SC in January 2005
    -Boxster SC luggage will be arround 220-235 + the front luggage and space will be about 300 litres.
    -Rear window very similiar to the 911 targa.
    -Early 2005, 997 and 997 cabrio versions.
    -Carrera 4 on late 2005 (!!!!!!!!!!!)..what the f.....??
    -GT3 on early 2006 with 400 bhp with advanced variocam, 18" wheels and adjustable rear wing.
    -997 turbo with 480bhp and DSG gearbox.

    Woshhhhhhhh...that's about it...

    Re: "Awsome Spy Photos" Post

    That's a better photo than I've seen before of the Boxster coupe. At the lower edge of the rear window you can see the thickness of the camouflage. It would seem the camo is concealing the slope of the rear roofline which probably terminates sooner than the photo suggests.

    We don't get it: a Boxster Coop-Pay?

    Other than extra frame stiffness (good for the track?), why would Porsche make a Boxster Coupe?

    It calls into question the roadster aspect of the car, doesn't it?

    Most people define roadster as a convertible

    Will have to be called the "Boxupe" (pron:box-oo-pay?")

    It would be too easy to see it as an underpowered mid-engine 911?

    just wondering

    Re: We don't get it: a Boxster Coop-Pay?

    In Europe coupe versions of the Audi TT outsell the roadster version considerably. Lots of people like the benefits of tin tops (less noise, more sporty, rigidity, security, more luguage space, more swoopy lines, cheaper insurance, also rubbish weather (UK)). I for one never considered the boxster previously and the 911 is way out of my financial reach, but have name down for the coupe. Hope its more attractive than its camouflage suggests and the January 05 launch date comes to pass.

    Re: We don't get it: a Boxster Coop-Pay?

    Thumbs up un the Boxster coupe. Looks sweet to me. A nice alternative to the previously mentioned TT coupe.

    Re: "Awsome Spy Photos" Post

    That Turbo looks absolutely brutal!
    Thumbs up on the Boxster Coupé too.

    I'm on my way to buy the mag.

    Re: "Awsome Spy Photos" Post

    Very nice pictures paulorangelmelo The Boxster coupe looks damn good

    Uhm, DSG regarding the Turbo, I'm not sure if that would happen but RC can elaborate on that .

    I also noticed that the front and rear rims on the Turbo are in different sizes, cool

    Re: "Awsome Spy Photos" Post

    Thanks a lot for the pics!!!
    In the first pic of the coupe (pic #2) the rims look like they are rimes deriviated of the CarreraS rims, but not completely the same... or is that just pic quality?
    Thanks again!

    Re: "Awsome Spy Photos" Post

    The Boxster Coupe on the pictures is still heavily camouflaged, even if it might not look that way at first look.
    I won't comment on the time table but the latest 997 Turbo power figure rumor I heard yesterday also indicates 480 HP, so there might be some truth in it.

    Re: Smaller S Wheels?

    The pics of the rear wheels in pic 1 and 2 look like the 997S wheels but smaller? There seems to be lots of sidewalls between the rim and the edge of the tire.

    Re: "Awsome Spy Photos" Post

    That's a better photo than I've seen before of the Boxster coupe. At the lower edge of the rear window you can see the thickness of the camouflage. It would seem the camo is concealing the slope of the rear rooflin[\quote]

    Re: "Awsome Spy Photos" Post

    Nice pics Paulo, thanks

    Re: "Awsome Spy Photos" Post

    Thanks a lot Paulo!!!!

    Re: "Awsome Spy Photos" Post

    first "concrete"pics of 997tt..thanks rc ,do you think the openings behind the doors will look like the one on those pictures?

    Re: "Awsome Spy Photos" Post

    Thanks for sharing, anything on the new GT3?



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