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    Great FerrariChat experience!!! (long)

    I want to let everybody know and thank everybody that responded, what has just occured. I put the word out that finally I was ready to buy a 360 spider and was there anybody out there that knew of one. I also put an ad on FerrariAds. The responses were immediate and within a few days I was in contact with a fellow FerrariChatter (scycle2020) who owns a 2002 360 spider and was thinking of selling. The car and seller were in the Washington DC area and I am currently in Maui Hawaii. Seppy sent me pictures and the car is still under warrenty, so I felt I did not need to physically see the car. Also having talked and emailed Seppy many times, I felt I was dealing with a professional person and a REAL gentleman and I trusted him. Trust can be established in many ways. A family friend in the DC area just today gave Seppy a cashier's check in exchange for the title to the beautiful spider. Seppy is graciously keeping my car until the truck shows up in two weeks. The SAD part to this story is that I will not return to Sun Valley, ID until 4-20 and I won't see the "red head" until then. Maybe it's a good thing, since I might be tempted to drive it in the snow. I also want to thank everybody involved in running and maintaining this website. Without FerrariChat I'm sure I would have never found the "red head". It's just amazing to me that the buyer and seller are 6000 miles apart and the deal is done. I also want to thank Seppy for his cooperation in making this a smooth transaction. Thank you Seppy!!! As a side note- On 2-27-76 I married the most wonderful person in the world, my loving wife, Sharon. Today is our 29th anniversary and Sharon has given me the "red head" as my anniversary present. Thank you Sharon!!!

    Re: Great FerrariChat experience!!! (long)

    lapeter said:
    As a side note- On 2-27-76 I married the most wonderful person in the world, my loving wife, Sharon. Today is our 29th anniversary and Sharon has given me the "red head" as my anniversary present. Thank you Sharon!!!


    Re: Great FerrariChat experience!!! (long)

    Way cool, congrats

    Re: Great FerrariChat experience!!! (long)

    great to hear your story

    Re: Great FerrariChat experience!!! (long)

    Wow, what a "little"present!!!

    Posting some pics of the spyder is nearly a priority!!!!...

    Re: Great FerrariChat experience!!! (long)

    I will post pics of the "red head" when I return at the end of April. I "almost" want to leave Maui earlier to see the car.



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