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    Just ordered a C4S!!!!

    I have finally ordered a C4S

    After many long months of waitng and "dreaming", I made my order official today...
    Here is what I will be getting....

    2005 C4S
    Seal Grey
    Black Full Leather
    Sports Exhaust
    Sport Shifter
    Shift/Brake Carbon
    GT3 Wheels
    Thicker Steering Wheel
    Heated Seats
    Driver Lumbar
    Crest in Seats
    Belt Outlet B Pillar Carbon
    Black Mats
    Custom Tailoring

    The car will be built later this year, and delivered around August. Apparently there are a few allocated C4S's being built as an 05' model.

    Thank you to everyone who has given their advice, opinions, and knowledgeable information over the past 6 months. I have found that the people here on Rennteam are a great group of people, not found on other sites.

    A special thanks goes to Revvv at Champion Porsche for his generosity and assistance in helping me with my purchase

    I can't wait

    Re: Just ordered a C4S!!!!

    Congractulations dude.

    Options look great..

    Now you can hear Depeche Mode/Dave Gahan in great style


    Re: Just ordered a C4S!!!!

    Looks great

    Now, ... if you can only survive until delivery

    Re: Just ordered a C4S!!!!

    Sounds excellent!

    Re: Just ordered a C4S!!!!

    Its going to be a beauty

    Re: Just ordered a C4S!!!!

    Congrats!!! but based on my own experience (waiting for my GT3 since April, finally on the ship) the worst is yet to come...but hang in there it's all for good!!!

    Re: Just ordered a C4S!!!!

    Jeff, I want to sincerely Thank You for your order for your
    (Much to my surprise) 2005 (!) C4-S Coupe ! The specs are perfect; just what I would order myself ! Now, we will both be waiting to see it ! Thanks to everyone at this fantastic Porsche Web site.... "Rennteam" ! Revvv

    Re: Just ordered a C4S!!!!

    Great order JP66, congrats!
    Just a question, when you mention full black leather, isn't that standard normally? Or are you speaking about the leather pack?
    What it including in the custom tailoring?
    How long do you have to wait for now?
    Congrats again.

    Re: Just ordered a C4S!!!!

    Fanch, I can tell you that this is a July production 2005 C4-S
    Coupe; that should arrive in August. Full leather is standard,
    and no charge in this model.The custom tailoring notation, is for one thing only; the "Belt Outlets B pilar Carbon". Those are
    the pieces in the B pilar, that you pull the front seat belts from
    that are hand made from Carbon. They actually pull the car
    into "Works One" to install those pieces. That's known as
    Custom Tailoring. Those pieces are beautiful, and compliment
    the rest of the Carbon in the interior. That is a brand new option, that I really like; and I suggested it my customer, Jeff.
    I hope that he likes everything about his C4-S ! Revvv

    Re: Just ordered a C4S!!!!

    Would be quite rare to be an '05 if produced before the factory shutdown in August. But all the best. I have a surprise up my sleeve as well.

    Re: Just ordered a C4S!!!!

    Eric: It's not that rare for Porsche to build some of the next model year in July before the August vacation although it is usually for new models and it sounds like the C4S mentioned here is going to be a 996.

    Re: Just ordered a C4S!!!!

    All of the C4S models for this year and next will be 996 platforms.

    Re: Just ordered a C4S!!!!


    I selected the large carbon package when I ordered my 996 in early February 04. Nothing was mentioned about the B pillars. Do you know if they can be fitted by the Porsche dealer after the car is delivered from the factory.


    Re: Just ordered a C4S!!!!

    Just checked with my parts dept.; those items aren't on the
    most current parts lists, but maybe soon. They could be something in Europe, perhaps. They also come "Aluminum Look"
    - both nice touches ! Revvv



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