Hi all,
I've just finished adding option I536 to my 987s. The option consists of additional security to the 987/997 vehicle alarm systems required in the Uk and Netherlands as standard fittment. The upgrade consists of adding a battery backed siren and tilt (tow away) sensor to the security system on the car. The benefits are that even with the battery disconnected the siren still sounds , and any attempt to jack up the vehicle to remove a wheel or tow it away also sounds the alarm. The sensors are fitted to OEM locations found on all cars and the loom adds to the existing wiring without the need for any splices or tapping points. The fitting is also totally reversible. I've installed the OEM equipment using OEM plugs and wiring terminals so it looks completely OEM. Porsche originally offered a retro fitting kit for this option on the previous model 996/986 but not for the current model , so i made my own. I'm interested to see if fitting this option to an American spec car is possible so If anyone would like to try out this retro fit in the USA i may be able to supply a loom , though parts and fitting would be at your cost. The install requires the rear CU to be configured for the UK/ Netherlands to operate the devices, but this can be reversed if necessary.