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    997 Exhaust

    My first post..please be kind. Does anyone have any recomendations for upgrading the exaust system on a 997 S?
    Last weekend I saw a factory system that had a switch on the dash that would allow the system to be "uncorked" any info on this setup? Thanks

    Re: 997 Exhaust

    Generally, folks might suggest that you do a "search" under "exhaust" or "exhaust systems", etc. For some reason I can't do a search or see the results of recent polls. I think it has something to do with my browser.

    Anyway, if you can, perform the search. Here (hopefully)are a few links to threads discussing the Porsche Sport Exhaust (PSE). There are some aftermarket exhaust systems out there, but I presume you would not want to risk a warranty issue with a 997S so PSE makes sense. I will be looking into PSE myself when my 997S comes out of winter hibernation in April. Hope this helps:

    Re: 997 Exhaust

    that'll keep him busy for a while!

    Re: 997 Exhaust

    Yup, looks like I overcooked that one just a little.

    Re: 997 Exhaust

    Circe said:
    Yup, looks like I overcooked that one just a little.

    You done good. Nice work.

    Re: 997 Exhaust

    Circe, Thanks for the links! That was exactly what I wanted to know. I am going with a pse. Regards

    Re: 997 Exhaust

    boardrider said:
    Circe, Thanks for the links! That was exactly what I wanted to know. I am going with a pse. Regards

    Good decision.
    I have it on my 997 S .You will love it .
    It's the only exhaust that truly sounds like a Porsche should, and the only one which can be turned on or off , as you wish .

    Re: 997 Exhaust

    Yep, it's purrrfect!

    Re: 997 Exhaust

    Does anyone know, when the factory installs PSE do they use the sport chrono switch to control it or do they install a separate switch just for the PSE? My local dealer is currently installing the PSE on my 997 S (with Sport Chrono) and they are new to this and they don't know the best way to hook it up! Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Griff Snyder

    Re: 997 Exhaust

    I'm sorry - I'm going to get grief for this but -
    IMHO PSE is like an expensive exhaust stereo.

    It's worth considering the following suggestion (after all you are looking for suggestions and not just 'the party line').

    For the same money you can get rid of those silly 997 headers AND replace the cats and the mufflers. No warranty issues in the US! Save 40 lbs. and add significant power and 'real' sound.(Not making any number claims - still waiting on the dyno facts when I do this to my car!!)

    Save all the stock pieces and either sell them or re-install them when you sell the car. It's all bolt-on.

    Sorry, you will not have an off switch other than your right foot. Combine this with a GAIC chip and the car will run quite well. (Total cost around 6K installed)

    I know, I know - but sound to me is silly if there is no additional power behind it.

    Re: 997 Exhaust

    If you have Sport Chrono already, then a retrofit of the PSE will mean (ordinarily) that the Sport button will switch both Sport Chrono and PSE on and off.

    Is that ideal? Of course not! Porsche IMO should have designed the switches to operate separately.

    Can you get a Porsche dealer to add an extra button for separate operation of PSE? Yes - some of the rennteamers here have done this. Perhaps someone could post details.

    As for which exhaust system to get, it's your choice. Personally, I am exceptionally happy with PSE. It sounds great!

    Yes, the sound is engineered/generated, but that doesn't mean it isn't lovely!

    Just my 2 cents...

    Re: 997 Exhaust
    I have just installed my PSE with a direct 12volt switch to the solenoid for off/on. We are skipping DME and Sport Chrono switch.
    See above thread for kkfor3's ashtray mounted switch.

    Re: 997 Exhaust

    Thanks for the information cool switches. How about the factory? What do they use for switching when PSE comes with a new car?

    Re: 997 Exhaust

    boardrider said:
    Thanks for the information cool switches. How about the factory? What do they use for switching when PSE comes with a new car?

    Factory should be the same as retrofit by dealer. If you have sport chrono, the sport chrono switch is used. If not, they add a separate PSE switch.

    Re: 997 Exhaust

    Or in my case the PSE was just bolted on (about 2 hours labor) and no switch was installed. Its stuck "on" all the time and I like it that way. No problems with performance issues off the line like some have commented on.

    Re: 997 Exhaust

    Quick PSE video HERE

    Re: 997 Exhaust

    The best sounding revs (when you are just blipping the throttle) come from light flywheels and not loud mufflers. There is nothing like the rapid rise and fall of revs if you have a lighter than stock flywheel.

    That sound you like from a Ferrari is mostly the quick revs of the flywheel.


    Re: 997 Exhaust

    Hello Boardrider,

    I agree with Leawood911, the aftermarket with EvoMotorSport etc can provide much better value for money. I have their 997 exhaust, and headers, for a dyno-ed increase of circa 20bhp....very reasonable cost and less than the PSE.

    They look and sound almost all sportscars those OEM are less than optimum, especially the Headers. I am now doing the same for my beloved NSX 1995---the OEM headers on that are truly AWFUL!

    Courage-----do the right thing!




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