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    Waiting is almost over

    I ordered my car on November 4th. The car was delevered to the dealer on Saturday. I didn't find out about it till I got to work on Monday. I already had commitments at work for Monday and Tuesday - so I have not been able to pick the car up. Hence my car has been sitting there while we have had fantastic driving weather. Anyway tomorrow is the big day; I get to "have her" tomorrow.

    I drove by the dealership this morning before they opened and "she" was parked outside. She hadn't yet been totally cleaned and detailed yet, but she was a real beauty. I have NEVER bought a luxury item like this before and I have been anxious for the past four months. When I saw the car I lost my anxiety and knew I made the right choice - It was love at first sight and I have had a case of the "blue balls" since seeing her. I need to drive that car!

    I am still a Porsche virgin tonight, but not tomorrow.

    Re: Waiting is almost over

    Congratulations! You're gonna LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    Re: Waiting is almost over

    Congrats, what did you get, colors exterior/interior, and options?

    Re: Waiting is almost over

    Check the car out carefully; maybe bring a CD and make sure the PCM works (mine didn't). Tell the sales guy to leave you alone as you go over the car yourself. You've got alot of work to do when you pick it up. The first ten minutes are fun. The next hour and a half are tedious (lots of information coming at you).

    Enjoy the ride home, make sure you do alot of shifting to vary engine speed. I was shifting every three to five minutes on my 50 mile highway drive home.

    Congratulations to you!

    Re: Waiting is almost over

    Yep, and try to get some sleep... you'll likely be making countless trips to the garage the 1st night to check on your "baby."

    Re: Waiting is almost over

    congrats and take it first

    Re: Waiting is almost over

    Congratulations on your new "baby". I recently picked mine up this month, still have under 2000 miles. its tough not driving this car fast , you hear the exhoust note and feel the car just wants to take off and be driven fast. I dont recall reading in the manual to keep shifting gears freaquently just to keep the revs below 4200 rpm for the first 2000 miles.

    Re: Waiting is almost over

    mike11 said:
    I dont recall reading in the manual to keep shifting gears freaquently just to keep the revs below 4200 rpm for the first 2000 miles.

    Yes, you are correct, no mention of varying engine speeds. Break in your Porsche by taking a 2000 mile trip at 60mph. Use cruise control.

    The above inference is further circumstantial evidence that Porsche's break in "hints" (their word) are questionable.

    Here's my BMW break in procedure from manual. Notice "constantly vary both vehicle and engine speeds" is the first requirement.

    You'd think BMW knows something Porsche doesn't.

    Anyway can't hurt to AVOID monotonous, same-speed driving especially for first 200 miles when piston rings are seating.

    Re: Waiting is almost over

    Nice feelings, aren't they! Stay cool, break-in your engine and enjoy your P-car experience.



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