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    Specc'ing new - guards or not?

    Just about to drop an order in for a c2s and having a real problem with the colour.

    She really likes guards, I like it, but with black wheels and aero. Don't want aero as I'll damage it too easily on the speed bumps where I live. Don't really want the black wheels as 900GBP just to paint them seems too expensive.

    So now the car isn't what I drooled over when I saw a video of it. Alternatives are black or atlas grey (as current), but isn't that a bit boring.. and this is our car for us (not the next owner). I've confused myself.

    Now I am looking at guards red, no aero, turbo wheels in normal colour, black interior (without any red bits).

    Some say "NO WAY", some say "JUST DO WHAT YOU WANT", the dealer says "not the most popular, but not an horrific no-no".

    Thoughts from Rennteam to help a confused person who's spent too long looking at the options please?



    PS. Rest of it is: sports exhaust, new rear lights, sports seats, heated seats, sports wheel, nav, cruise, rear parking, leather mid console, short shifter, aluminium gearstick.

    Re: Specc'ing new - guards or not?

    I love the red with black wheels... A truly stunning looking car...

    Main problem is resale and other people's perception... A red porsche in London is probably more likely to draw attention, maybe get keyed etc etc...

    Also I asked a friend about this recently as I was looking at second hand red 997's his response was "well its not a Ferrari is it?"... Lots of people have the opinion that the only sports cars in red should be Ferrari! Whatever!

    For me I would love a red 911, probably a second hand one though as I would not want the pain at resale... Just look at second hand values

    At the end of the day its your call mate, do whatever makes you happy... And if the Pounds900 for the wheels is too much now you can always add that later.

    Re: Specc'ing new - guards or not?

    Nothing wrong with Red

    Re: Specc'ing new - guards or not?

    I have owned a Guards Red C2S for the last 2.5 years. At the time it was either Guards Red or wait a year.

    I went through a lot of stress in making the decision to take the Guards Red. People told me all the reasons I should not buy it. In the end I did and absolutely love it.

    I have never had any problems with the colour or with peoples reaction to the colour. The 997 looks really good in GRed and it never gets boring.

    There has never been issue with the Police, or with other people abusing the car. In fact, a lot of Porsche owners have complimented the colour and wish they had done something other than grey/silver.

    I use my car as a sports car and not a daily driver. If it was my daily drive, maybe it would be different, but as a sports car, it just looks and sounds so right.

    Re: Specc'ing new - guards or not?

    I had a GR Boxster & Arctic C4S. You should be aware that the paint quality is not as good on the solid colours compaired the metallics. I'm looking for a used 997 right now and although I'd consider red, it'd have to be significantly cheaper for me to sign on the dotted line. I have to leave my car in the station carpark and never had an issue with either silver or red. (my X5 on the other hand.....)

    Re: Specc'ing new - guards or not?

    While it's not my favourite colour I don't like the fact that GR seems to get hit on resale. I know everyone says get what you want and that is fine but when you come to sell will you be thinking to yourself I wish I had gone for a less painful colour for resale. How much more do you like it than other colours? Do you like it enough to not worry about the difference in price?

    It's unfair that the market reacts that way but it was the same with Phoenix Yellow with the M3. Also, I'm not a big fan of turbo wheels but again, up to you. Just bear in mind that if you kerb one of those (I live in London and that danger is there) it will cost more to refurb or replace than a std wheel. Also, they are a bit wannabe if you get my drift.

    Re: Specc'ing new - guards or not?

    Unless it's a cute 50mpg "advertisement" for the environment, I'd rather not drive a red car in the places I haunt.

    Driving a red _Porsche_ is even worse around here. My peers would think,"Yes, we can SEE it's a Porsche, no reason except vanity or emotional insecurity to have it painted red." Common strangers would hate you even more for being "rich" and insisting on announcing it to the poor slobs.

    In fashion spots around the world, SoCal, Miami Beach, whereever..., sure it's fine to get red; it's "normal."

    Maybe if you're 20-something and crusin' for chicks and eventual wife/family, red would be fine.

    It's like guys around the USA who are now wearing kilts; it looks freaky. I want to scream at them to put some pants on as I drive by. In Scotland it looks completely okay; I have zero problems there.

    Red can be extremely flashy in certain places.

    Re: Specc'ing new - guards or not?

    Where do you live that's so bad, MMD? Wyoming? Mississippi? Oklahoma? Detroit?

    Re: Specc'ing new - guards or not?

    You>> She really likes guards, I like it, but with black wheels and aero.

    Thats the car you should get! Because both of you like it!

    >>Don't want aero as I'll damage it too easily on the speed bumps where I live.

    I have aero. I go over speed bumps. The bottom piece on the bumper is replaceable and is not too much (cost).

    >>Don't really want the black wheels as 900GBP just to paint them seems too expensive.

    The whole damn car is too expensive. Don't look to try and save money; just give in and get the car you want. Re-read your first statement.

    Re: Specc'ing new - guards or not?

    Trundle_GT3 said:
    Nothing wrong with Red

    Yeah, GT3 (or debadged with aero kit!)

    Re: Specc'ing new - guards or not?

    jplanaux said:
    >>Don't really want the black wheels as 900GBP just to paint them seems too expensive.

    The whole damn car is too expensive. Don't look to try and save money; just give in and get the car you want. Re-read your first statement.

    You are very right there

    I just thought that it was 900GBP wasted option, whereas I could have directed that on a different option I want more.

    My spec has already been subjected to quite a degree of 'option creep' (we're WAY over our original budget!) and I think that was a bit far!

    Re: Specc'ing new - guards or not?

    take the color of your taste and dont care about anyone or anything else. Its YOUR car!

    Re: Specc'ing new - guards or not?

    SoCal Alan said:
    Where do you live that's so bad, MMD? Wyoming? Mississippi? Oklahoma? Detroit?

    Aren't these universal behaviors for THE old establi$hed $uburb anywhere? It's _not_ bad, it's just that I don't like to gossip and I don't like to fuel gossip. Everybody knows eachother or knows of eachother; feels like a fishbowl sometimes. A new red Porsche would be 15 minutes of "fame" I don't want. Pretty harmless actually, but annoying nevertheless.

    On the opposite extreme, where expensive fancy red cars are not commonplace, who _wants_ to attract attention of the general public on the roadways?

    I dunno..., it's just a personal "policy" I fell into... .

    Re: Specc'ing new - guards or not?

    Have you checked out the GR Coupe with Aero & black wheels on the Exclusive Site & repeated in the Exclusive Brochure.
    I had a '89 930 GR with the wheels (fuchs) painted GR. Nice.

    Re: Specc'ing new - guards or not?

    Guards red is IMHO the best color for a 911.

    But you can't argue colors, just follow your instincs and don't worry about resale. If you do, buy the cheapest car around or lease to lock in your loss...

    Re: Specc'ing new - guards or not?

    Guards red would be my second choice for a 911, if I didn't like black so much. GR w/ black interior for a 911 turbo has always been my dream car, because thats the first 911 turbo I had ever driven (I think it was an '89). I say go for it!

    Re: Specc'ing new - guards or not?

    Without the aero kit, guards red was simply too daring an option... as was the interior with flashes of red. On Saturday, after seeing many cars, we placed an order for a C2S and went for Basalt black with black interior.

    Rest of the spec is :

    * Basalt Black
    * Turbo wheels
    * Rear LED lights
    * Rear wiper
    * Reversing bleeper thingy
    * Sports exhaust
    * Short shift
    * Aluminum gearstick & handbrake
    * Rear console in leather
    * Sports seats
    * Crest on seats
    * Heated seats
    * Cruise control
    * BOSE
    * Navigation

    It'll turn up between last week in November and first two weeks in December.

    The lack of Guards was personal choice rather than resale - ie. the above spec is our ideal, not the next owners! With the centre console in leather the inside feels very luxurious rather than too sporty, which was what we wanted.

    Can't wait - that sports exhaust is mega!!

    Re: Specc'ing new - guards or not?

    Congrats for making the final decision, that will be a great car! However, there are no LED-lights available so I think your dealer is just BS:ing you if he tells you that the option exist. I assume that what you have ordered is the red taillights. The new LEDs will not be available before the facelift of 997.5 and they will not be retrofittable to 997 since they have a different shape. Perhaps there will be some afermarket options, but we'll see about that


    Re: Specc'ing new - guards or not?

    Congrats - I couldn't continue with the wait, so I've gone the used route with a very similar spec to you! (No rear wiper or PSE but sunroof, phone, dimming mirrors & 6CD)

    Roll on next weekend!!!



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