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    crashed into cobble stone curg

    hit a curb with my 07 carrera s at approx 30 mph not having a good day blew both passenger tires both wheels destroyed no body damage at all but concerned about suspension damage any similar story and what was the outcome btw car flat bedded to dealer just missed the gd deer. Whatwill dealer do to determine damage, if car cant be aligned ?

    Re: crashed into cobble stone curg

    I had that happen to me years ago. I predict they will replace a couple of bent control arms and their associated ball joints. The rims might be badly scuffed too, depending upon how you hit the curb. But I doubt the P-car is permanently damaged.

    Re: crashed into cobble stone curg

    I wouldn't worry too much. The impact is absorbed by the wheels foremost, the suspension systems (arms, controls etc.) do the rest.

    Does your insurance cover incidents related to animals?

    Re: crashed into cobble stone curg

    A few years ago I was making a turn inside a parking structure and one of those concrete stops that are insatlled in each parking stall to prevent the car from hitting the wall had become lose and had moved to the middle of the ramp.I did not see it and needless to day when you are looking for a parking spot you don't expect such a thing laying in the middle of the parking ramp. I hit it at 15 mph. Blew one tire but nothing happened to the wheel. However after I changed the tire I noticed that the car was pulling hard to the right. The control arm was damaged. $2000 later the car was back to normal

    Re: crashed into cobble stone curg

    boy, I hate deer. happened to me 3 months ago. my damage was worst. replacing wheels and tires is not that bad... I'd rather be in your shoe.

    Re: crashed into cobble stone curg

    Aw cr*p! Very sorry to hear that.

    My guess is 30mph isn't fast enough to do damage to the monocoque; especially when damaged wheels and tires absorbed lots of energy.

    Re: crashed into cobble stone curg

    One nice thing about repair shops is they assume nothing. They go in to those things and immediately check for alignment issues from the start. Just because nothing shows you can't assume no damage. Trust your shop. They will sort it out and you will be back to normal!


    Re: crashed into cobble stone curg

    30 mph is fast enough to do frame damage. all depends on how it was hit.

    Re: crashed into cobble stone curg

    Moogle said:
    30 mph is fast enough to do frame damage. all depends on how it was hit.

    Yeah..., sadly..., you're right..., I was trying to be optimistic thinking that both front and rear wheels hit the curb at the "same" time.

    Re: crashed into cobble stone curg

    Most of the crash energy was absorbed by the tires, then metal in the wheels, then suspension bits.
    All are replaceable and you should be good to go after a good alignment.

    Hey, it gives you a good excuse to have them put in the GT3 toe and camber settings.



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