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    Best tire for my Boxster?

    Looking for a great tire for my 986S.
    Need grip, ability in water/wet anmd durability (who doesnt)
    Close to purchasing Dunlop SP9000 (SP9090), but I was wondering if you have better experiences with Yokohama A539, Goodyear F1 or others at the same price? Need a quick response, please

    Re: Best tire for my Boxster?

    Always thought the Dunlops were soft in my opinion. Would go for Pilot Sports or Pirelli PZERO Rossos myself if available, not so sure how good they are in the wet though.

    Contact your OPC as they will have a list of all the Porsche approved tyres that were tested with the 986.

    Hope this helps.


    Re: Best tire for my Boxster?

    Pirelli PZERO Rossos, didn't like the Dunlops.
    Wet performance of the Pirellis is good if you replace them in time!

    Re: Best tire for my Boxster? rosso very good tyre for spring/summer conditions
    crap wear though

    Re: Best tire for my Boxster?

    I had Michelin Pilot Sport on my 550 Spyder as original equipement. I want also to had that I work for Goodyear/Dunlop Europe before sharing my mind
    To be honnest the Michelin were great tires, and they will last more than the others, and especially far more than Pirelli (known as great tires, but also very soft ...).
    The Dunlop 9090 are quite old tires now , and new one are on the market with greater performance (Dunlop SP Sport Maxx).
    I must take some infos about it, but they aren't approved N1 for Porsche as far I know.
    The Goodyear F1 are definitely also wonderful tires. I had sets on my S3 , then after on my two previous Boxster S, and they are hot. Nice design and very good grip and nice handling, especially under water. But one more time, no N1 spec for Porsche.
    So as a conclusion, if you want to test another brand than those known as OE, test Goodyear ones.
    Otherwise choose Michelin ones , but they are the most expensive of the market

    Re: Best tire for my Boxster?

    I went with the Dunlop SP 9000.
    Most affordable and best buy IMO.
    They dont have to be Porsche/TÜV approved in Denmark, since we don't adhere to the german TÜV approval.
    It's virtually the same tire as the SP9090 I'm told, and if it's good enough for a 520 bhp Audi RS4 (fella I know), it's good enough for my wee Boxey



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