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    2007 - 400HP face-lifted 997 in the works???

    Can anyone confirm or deny this story.
    Most of the time I hate autospies...(they're a bunch of idiots)

    Re: 2007 - 400HP face-lifted 997 in the works???

    By the way... if this story is true, then I assume what they are calling a face-lifted 997 is actually going to be the new 997 GT3.

    Knowing Porsche, there is no way they will ever give the std. Carrera 400HP without making sure we pay for it.

    Re: 2007 - 400HP face-lifted 997 in the works???

    My feeling is that there will be a 997 facelift, as there was for the 996, but it'll happen probably after the 997TT is introduced.

    I wouldn't count on what Autospies says at all, they're one of the most unreliable sources regarding any auto news on the internet.

    Re: 2007 - 400HP face-lifted 997 in the works???

    SoCalHoosier said:
    Can anyone confirm or deny this story.
    Most of the time I hate autospies...(they're a bunch of idiots)

    I wonder where these guys get their information from? The CIA? Also that stupid reference to the F430 is a little bit "below the belt" for me.

    I try to work on that issue with a little bit of logical thinking: the new 997 GT3 Cup has 400 HP. The upcoming 997 GT3 should be in the same power range, rumors indicate 390-395 HP, even 400 HP might be possible. We're talking about the GT3 which won't be around until EARLIEST MY 2006.

    Many people seem to forget one thing: there is no ONE 911. The 911 is actually a model range like the Mercedes S-class or the BMW 7-series. One model designation, a similar design but different engine/suspension/performance variants with different body kits.

    It would be easy for me now to predict that in 2007, there will be a 500 HP 911. But this doesn't answer two questions: what model type (GT2, Turbo, etc.) and even more important: how much does this car cost?

    I bought the 997 Carrera S because I loved how it handles and I love how it looks. And...I needed a sports car because I AM a sports car freak, can't help it.
    But I'm aware that in a year, two or three, there will be something much more powerful, much faster and maybe even more attractive than the 997 Carrera S. The only question is: how much does this car cost?

    There was a rumor about a 997 Carrera S powerkit for MY 2006. A powerkit with 380 HP. But do 25 HP really make a difference? I think that for fun driving, the 20 mm chassis/LSD and maybe even the PCCB are more important. But if I can retrofit the 25 HP, I'll surely do it because it adds some fun.

    If some people start argueing about future models or like somebody did a while ago about the 998, I wonder what they really want? Do they really want to have fun in a marvelous car or do they just want to drive the latest Porsche?

    Don't you guys think it is ridiculous to talk about a facelift, power upgrade or even the successor and 99% of 997 customers even didn't get their car yet?
    I have my car now for more than a month and since I have it, I met only one single 997 on the street, a dealer car from Munich. And to my knowledge, no customer got a 997 Carrera S with 20 mm chassis yet, these cars will be delivered to customers end of this month or next month. So this whole upgrade/facelift/whatever bla bla bla doesn't make any sense.

    I know that many people are disappointed with the 997's power figure and this might be a reason why people speculate about upgrades, etc. But Porsche is a pretty serious manufacturer and they don't invest a lot of money in new parts, new tools and new training for a product which will be replaced in two or three years.

    PLEASE...let all this BS behind you, just ignore it. Car magazines and internet sites need sensational stories to keep the readers happy. Don't fall for it, same story as always: sex & crimes sells. This could be translated into "rumors & gossip" sells" or even worse "fantasy & lies" sells.

    Re: 2007 - 400HP face-lifted 997 in the works???

    Rc you missed your calling. You should be employed by Porsche. You protect the brand name as well as anyone.

    However, the 997 remains a car without distinction. It is not attractive, has the likeness of older models and little to no performance gain from previous models. Yet it is priced a little higher.

    The 997S does give you additonal performance but look at its price. I was looking at one while my Cayenne was being serviced and was stunned by the sticker price; over $99,000 !!

    If performance is one is seeking, would not that person be better off with a used TT or GT for less money?

    The reason why many people are looking ahead to future Porsche products is because what Porsche has given them with the 997 is pricey ordinary Porsche. The 996 TT was special as is the GT3.

    When will the 998 be out? I hope soon.



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