I installed my Techart spring, clear side marker, silver Porsche hood crest and Porsche plate frame for my Cayenne S yesterday. I also did my first oil change, I replaced the oil fiter to a new one and 9quartz of Mobil1 0W-40. The car looks so much better now, I took some pictures and I will post them tonight.

The car handles so much better than before and it looks so much better, not too low and not too high. Its just perfect. The spring lowered it by 30mm, but I feel that it lowers it even more than 30mm. The ride is more comfortable, this is weird since its not meant to do that.

Overall its a good investment!! and I used to feel transmission problem, when I stepped on the gas and it went to D4, then I stepped on the brake and gas again, there was a lag. This no longer happens!! it might sound stupid but its just so much better than before.