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    Track day

    So Ive managed 1100 magic miles in my new motor and I'm already starting to get frustrated at all the traffic on our rubbish english roads.

    So around end of April early May(should have about 1500 miles+ by then) I'm going take my baby on a Track day.

    Never done one before so looking for some hints and tips. Ideally I'd like to do something on an airfield type course or at least somewhere with lots of runoff areas... reckon I'll be spinning once or twice!!

    So anyone got any recomendations for location? I'm London so would like somewhere as close as pos.

    Also whats the deal with tyres... Will I be needing a new set after a day? I'm guessing my brakes should be fine..

    Any help appreciated

    Re: Track day

    I have the same plan and actually for the same dates around ultimo April beginning of May.
    To be honest I'm close to crapping my pants at the thought of spinning off and totalling the Boxey...and spending the rest of my life paying my bank
    But on the other hand the track is where the Boxster is at its best.

    I made a post about this a couple of weeks ago and got ONE answer. WOW!

    Here are a couple of the links Ive found so far: (sounds good) (just for fun..hehe)

    Check it out and let me know what you decide to do.
    I might wanna join the fun...if it isn't all right-hand driving fun

    Re: Track day

    RichJ said:

    So around end of April early May(should have about 1500 miles+ by then) I'm going take my baby on a Track day.


    Also whats the deal with tyres... Will I be needing a new set after a day? I'm guessing my brakes should be fine..

    Any help appreciated

    No problem, I did my first track day with just about 2K miles myself, the car was only ~1 month old.

    As for tires, don't worry, one track day isn't going to ruin new tires. You can probably do 10 or more track days and still get 10K+ miles out of the rears.

    Have fun!

    Re: Track day

    Thanks for that guys..

    Good to hear about the tyres, although 10 track days and 10k miles sounds a bit far!
    I had thought that I'd be looking for a new set after one day so anything above is a bonus, although I guess most of its down to driver style... Dont think I'll be doing to many drifts just yet!

    Dr P, I'd be keen to hook up with you for a track day meet. You done one before?

    Anybody else on here fancy meeting up for a track day???? If there is enough interest we could look into hiring a track specifically for us.

    Actually RichC and Dreamcar, you guys were talking about a Rennteam meet, how about a meet combined with some track day fun????

    Re: Track day

    I would certainly be interested. Actually Rich, if you go to the Porsche Club GB website there is some useful info there on trackdays, I don't think you need to be a member to access that part of the site. Insurance is another issue, of course, need to check on cover (most insurers exclude track days) and it is important to stress that it is non-competitive.

    Re: Track day

    I'd love to do a track day, but am struggling to find realistically priced insurance that'll cover me. I've promised myself that sometime during my ownership of this Boxster I'll driveit properly, something I failed to do with my lsat one.

    Now, a trackday in someone elses car is another matter Autocar drift school also looks a laugh...

    Re: Track day

    RichJ said:
    Dr P, I'd be keen to hook up with you for a track day meet. You done one before?

    Nope, never did one before. Only tried a semi-track-thing in my former cars.
    Nothing with instructor etc.
    Tim, it wont be competitive for me either...I'd hate to embarrass you in your own backyard...hehe
    And the insurance issue is also something I consider a lot.

    But I'm interested in meeting during the last weekend of April somewhere in the south of UK for a day of fun.
    Ill see if I can come up with some more links/ideas.

    Re: Track day

    Insurance is the big issue I suppose... What sort of quotes have you seen RichC???

    Also, anybody know what the deal with the warranty is?? Do porsche invalidate your warranty if you take your boxster around a race track?



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