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    Nice 997 pics from Christo...

    I scanned these very nice pictures and wanted to share with those of us that are not subscribed to Christophorus.
    August/September 2004 issue

    Re: Nice 997 pics from Christo...


    Re: Nice 997 pics from Christo...

    very nice

    Re: Nice 997 pics from Christo...

    thanks , and guards red is reaaaaly a nice color

    Re: Nice 997 pics from Christo...

    Ron, thanks a lot for scanning them, the pics are beautiful

    The one with the 1st gen 911 next to the 977 really surprised me, in that picture the 997 design really makes sense the most. I think Porsche should use pics like these with the 1st gen 911 next to it in their marketing press pics.

    Re: Nice 997 pics from Christo...

    Thank you Ron, great pix.

    Re: Nice 997 pics from Christo...

    Great pics - already said - but the family side-by-side with the Ist generation and the current generation really brings it home for me. Not nostalgia, but a real feeling of Continuum that I did not appreciate before.

    Re: Nice 997 pics from Christo...

    Wonderful! Just so wonderful! Next to it's grand grand grand grand grand father.

    Re: Nice 997 pics from Christo...

    yea third pic is awesome - Something about it shows the lines even more

    Re: Nice 997 pics from Christo...

    Thanks, Ron.

    It is interesting that the pictures show a comparison with a classic 911. A doctor I did some business with (he is retired now) recently sold his 996 C2 because he couldn't stand the 996 shape and interior anymore. He said that the 996 drives great compared to the older 911 models but he just can't stand the looks. He also owns a 911 2.7, a 964 RS and five other classic 911 Porsche models.
    We met this guy at the 997 presentation at the dealership and we wasn't too impressed with the 997 too.
    Today, I met him at the fuel station, he was driving a 911 SC I think. He saw me in my black 997 Carrera S and immediately asked me: "this is the new one?" And I confirmed it. He walked around the car, he looked inside, he smiled all the time and shook his head. Then he came to me and told me "this car is so beautiful, is this the same thing we saw at the presentation?" Yes, this is the new 997.
    Apparently we was so pi..ed with his 996 experience, he didn't even have a closer look at the 997 at the presentation at the dealership. It was also pretty dark and he didn't see the car too well.

    I think the reaction of this guy shows that Porsche did the right thing, especially to get back "lost" customers.
    Of course current 996 owners would never admit that the 997 is such a fine 911 but this is normal, everybody defends what he owns. Some kind of psychological BS.

    The only problem I see is (resale) value of 996 models: in a year or two, the 997 will be all around. And the worst part: the 997 actually looks like the real 993 successor and not the 996. This might cause a serious drop in 996 used car prices and I'm almost sure about it.

    Re: Nice 997 pics from Christo...

    Thank you for the pictures. They are terrific. Nice to see them side by side. Thank you again

    Re: Nice 997 pics from Christo...

    Amazing, just amazing.......

    Thank you very much for the pics.

    The past and the future.... together, in coherence....997: following the histiory of not only a great sports car (for me the very best), but the history of art. For me, the 996 was not a mistake, but the 997 is the real nowadays Carrera.

    I don't want to think more and more about it....just enjoy this masterpiece....we have only one life, and a day without this fantastic creature (if you can have it), is the real mistake....

    Re: Nice 997 pics from Christo...

    RC said:
    I think the reaction of this guy shows that Porsche did the right thing, especially to get back "lost" customers.

    So he buys a 911's exclusively depending on how it looks? what a way to waste a 911... not sure these are customers I'd want to attrack but I guess sales are sales...



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