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    Aston Martin Updates Coming MY09 (V8/DB9)

    Most of you die hard Aston lovers/owners might already know this, but I've gone ahead and put together the most reliable information out there.

    These cars will likely debut at Geneva 08 and be available in dealerships by mid 08 as 09 models. (MY 09 is coming early this year for AM).

    V8 Vantage Updates

    *Upgrade in displacement to 47xx CC possibly labeled as 4.8 litre. I place alot of confidence in this "rumour" as it was confirmed that the new V8 mules recently testing were registered with the larger displacement.

    *Possible new key (no longer the old volvo sourced item, Probably similar to the DBS' lozenge shzped insert)

    *Interior update possible although not confirmed, ala the 99% confirmed DB9 interior update both will be along the lines of the DBS and the concept V12 vantage RS, much smoother.

    *New 19'' wheels option definitely confirmed.

    *Sports pack available as a option and future retrofit. (uprated springs, anti-roll bar, etc)

    HOPEFULLY the updated model will be labeled Vantage S (ala the porsche naming and marketing scheme, and will feature the sportspack and power hike standard)

    Not 100% sure if the new key or interior will make it to the 09 vantage, hopefully they won't make us wait another year to let the DB9/DBS have all the glory. Porsche has certainly been known to do this (limit features in the boxster so as not to impinge on the 911's territory.)

    DB9 Updates

    *99% confirmed: Interior update ala DBS , most notably the centre console.

    *99% confirmed power hike by 40bhp/similar torques. not sure if displacement will be increased as well.

    *99% confirmed new key similar to DBS, dumping the old volvo/ford item.

    Finally, some dealers are already recieving their first DBS' this year, I've seen 2 already, although they are euro plated (in the USA), so not sure if they are demo models.


    Links below only really apply to V8 Vantage. DB9 updates above have been confirmed by Bez himself to a dealer GM that posts on

    forums at aston martin owners club.

    Re: Aston Martin Updates Coming MY09 (V8/DB9)

    I think AM will keep the base V8 at 4.3l and create a Vantage S with the new engine, same as the 997... For a 10k premium

    This way you take care of the complaint that the car is slightly underpowered and raise the price...

    The key really need to be changed, a shame for such a car

    What is great about AM is that they really listen to their customers, unlike Porsche.

    Re: Aston Martin Updates Coming MY09 (V8/DB9)

    If this new one is a Vantage S with larger displacement I will cancel my N400 order.

    Would love to wait for the NEXT special edition but the car is still "mid-life" and the next SE probably won't come out until the end of the cycle (ala Turbo S)

    Years ago I bought a Pentium II MMX and 2 weeks later the Pentium III came out, I swore then that I would find a balance between pre-release research and basically never buying it because something better will come out in 6 months

    Re: Aston Martin Updates Coming MY09 (V8/DB9)

    Any rumours on if/when AM will release a forced induction model?

    And what about that speculated development of a mid-rear engined model?

    Re: Aston Martin Updates Coming MY09 (V8/DB9)

    There has really been no information about the DBX other than some old renderings:

    Forced induction may or or may not be on the way, if they do a 3 tier model line up like Jaguar. Currently it looks like they will be doing the Base/S configuration like Porsche with the S having sportier suspension standard and also larger displacement and more options standard.

    FWIW The new XKR is reported to be supercharged and will apparently not recieve larger displacement, so I guess these two companies are taking different routes for their higher performing variants.

    There is also the V12 RS coming out... but that is more of an extremely limited collectors car than anything else, less than 100~ examples.

    Re: Aston Martin Updates Coming MY09 (V8/DB9)

    Wow! That DBS looks bad *ss

    Re: Aston Martin Updates Coming MY09 (V8/DB9)

    Here is a fresh article dated: 22nd February 2008

    Loads of interesting Aston info:

    A brief history lesson, new ownership struggle, future of the company in the harsh global economy, AND a one liner about the DBX (mid engine supercar).


    Re: Aston Martin Updates Coming MY09 (V8/DB9)

    I can't believe there are so many people complaining about the DBS console coming to the V8/DB9, they can't all be pissed off DBS owners, more like V8/DB9 owners who feel outdated?



    Re: Aston Martin Updates Coming MY09 (V8/DB9)

    Sorry. The picture shows a DBS interior.

    Re: Aston Martin Updates Coming MY09 (V8/DB9)

    40hp power hike, with better sport shift gear(whatever it is called) and some exterior visuals such as air intakes maybe

    Then new V8 is done.

    IMO we are looking to see more beautiful sport GT cars soon

    Re: Aston Martin Updates Coming MY09 (V8/DB9)

    I hope they can make the sportshift as good as the system in the M3/M5/M6.

    The adjustable setting for shift speed on SMG BMW's is great, I had a daily driver SMG M3 for 3 years. Way better than letting the computer decide it depending on throttle position. (which is how AM's does it now)

    Re: Aston Martin Updates Coming MY09 (V8/DB9)

    WorldCarFans? Isn't that just another rumor site?

    Re: Aston Martin Updates Coming MY09 (V8/DB9)

    Japlonik reports V8 Vantage RS, 420hp, 330lbs weight reduction.

    This looks suspiciously like the V12 that was debuted a couple months ago...

    I think they screwed up the article.

    Re: Aston Martin Updates Coming MY09 (V8/DB9)

    Geneva, V8...

    Still no new V8 news from Geneva... looks like an interior facelift isn't happening?

    Power upgrade figure still at 400-410-420 bhp.

    Jaguar XKR-S debut... hope aston is paying attention

    Re: Aston Martin Updates Coming MY09 (V8/DB9)

    Latest from geneva:

    Nothing at the aston stand except the new DB9s, DBS and the old V8s. DB9 facelift is there though.

    No new V8. disappointing.

    Re: Aston Martin Updates Coming MY09 (V8/DB9)

    Moogle said:
    Latest from geneva:

    Nothing at the aston stand except the new DB9s, DBS and the old V8s. DB9 facelift is there though.

    No new V8. disappointing.

    Does the new DB9 on display have the updated interior ?

    Re: Aston Martin Updates Coming MY09 (V8/DB9)

    I see no interior picture

    Re: Aston Martin Updates Coming MY09 (V8/DB9)

    Italo said:
    Moogle said:
    Latest from geneva:

    Nothing at the aston stand except the new DB9s, DBS and the old V8s. DB9 facelift is there though.

    No new V8. disappointing.

    Does the new DB9 on display have the updated interior ?

    Car magazine claims it does.

    Re: Aston Martin Updates Coming MY09 (V8/DB9)

    The new specs are up on the AM website. Only interior picture available, obviously hifi/ac components have been altered to DBS layout:

    Re: Aston Martin Updates Coming MY09 (V8/DB9)


    Re: Aston Martin Updates Coming MY09 (V8/DB9)

    Full Gallery of MY09

    Most Obvious changes are the interior. Exterior gets the V8 style mirrors replacing the old volvo type items.

    New rims. new suspension components, stiffer volante edition.

    Glad they didn't tweak the exterior too much, this shape is timeless!

    On a personal note...

    It's a tough decision that I'm facing now, since the 09 V8 has apparently not been changed.

    I have an N400 on order for delivery in 2 months, but would hate to have the facelifted car show up in 6-12 months sporting the larger 4.7 liter and the same interior facelift.

    Don't want a DB9 too heavy, DBS is hard to justify. Costs as much as a GT3 RS and a new M3. or a V8 Vantage and a Turbo. Hmmm.

    I will consider the 430 if I can find a dealer that I am confortable with, so I have not come upon an F-car dealer that fits that category. Love Porsche but don't want another one for awhile... Like ferrari alot community is large and active. Aston community seems asleep compared to fchat/rennlist/rennteam/etc.

    Spring is coming after a long winter here in NYC... gotta find a proper car



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