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    Re: ORDER: 991 - S Cab

    As for Black vs Basalt. I went with Black after considerable comparisons. Basalt isn't black enough IMO .

    While I've ALWAYS liked black cars, lately I've been drawn to lighter colors, especially white. The nicest 458 and Panamera I've seen were in white!  I must be getting tired of all the black limos/SUV's in NYC?

    I would also consider the blue shown above, but prefer the white with brown top and black wheels. 


    Re: ORDER: 991 - S Cab

    Black (non metallic) is timeless and I also agree on PCCB, once you go PCCB, you never go back. indecision

    I love PCCB a lot because of the very precise brake feel. It allows me to brake very late and only with the precise amount of brake force I really need, just the tires are the limit. I love PCCB, there is nothing better for spirited driving. Only exception: Track driving. For people who are on the race track often, PCCB may not be the right choice since brake disc wear can be extensive and I don't have to emphasize how much PCCB replacement discs cost.


    RC (Germany) - Rennteam Editor Porsche Panamera Turbo S (April 2012 delivery), Porsche 997 Carrera GTS Cabriolet PDK, BMW X5M, BMW M3 Cab DKG, Mini Cooper S Countryman All4

    Re: ORDER: 991 - S Cab

    Plus if you get black buying PCCB's evens out the amount of time it takes you to clean the car. ..When I had steel on my 997 S Cab it would take me just about as long to get the wheels, calipers, hubs, etc clean as the rest of the car and it's a REALLY dirty process. Even clean steel rotors/hub will sometimes show rust......After you washed the car  you couldn't drive it right away or the rusty, dirty water would belch out all over into the inside of your wheels.......... So you could wait till everything dried off (blowing it only blows out dirty water) OR you could clean the wheels/brakes & then drive the car around the block & then finish it..

    It's a costly option but besides all of the added performance/reduced un-sprung weight that everyone knows about through Porsche marketing;;;; to me; the PCCB's are worth the cost just for their ability to keep wheels looking cleaner & especially how much easier they are to clean when you're washing the car...I'm surprised more people don't mention this. It was the one thing about my S cab that I can say;  I hated.     

    And like you mentioned unless you're tracking the car you probably won't need a rotor change, steel you will. And then there's the better look of PCCB's especially w/ the 20" wheels.    


    Re: ORDER: 991 - S Cab

    With dark blue and blue top, I'm going w blue adaptive ss interior 

    im confused on all these pricy options,these cars are $140 k us what's the turbo s gonna be?

    I order Tuesday and have so far:

    Dk blue, blue top, blue aadaptive

    delete script except carrera s



    heated wheel seats

    S chrono

    do I need the sprt exhaust, roll dampened and pccb? I run hard... But? Pdcc  I thought was for turbo cayenne to stop roll, sports plus sure stops it.

    Alternatively I could go ruby met w red top since my son is going to Stanford next year, he was not amused by that ideaSmiley




    Re: ORDER: 991 - S Cab

    Get the PSE its likely cheaper than going with Sharkworks later on.Sport PASM has to be worth it to you if you drive hard. Also look at the sport steering wheel ...but so far thats not available heated.

    FWIW color wiseindecision Blue top and blue paint might be nice with a Cork interior (its a exclusive shop shade close to Ferraris Tobacco color) at least that way you will not suffer from 60's Oldsmobile blue steering wheel syndrome.indecision

    Re: ORDER: 991 - S Cab

    I, too, hiughly recommend the PCCB option.


    Recently I was bleeding my brake fluid and measured the usage of the pads on my car--presently at about 66,000 miles.  I have used up about 17% of the pad material so far!  (That's like nothing!)



    997S Hard-top Cabrio 6-spd 3AS 'Turquoise' Natural Brown, PCCB

    Re: ORDER: 991 - S Cab


    Get the PSE its likely cheaper than going with Sharkworks later on.Sport PASM has to be worth it to you if you drive hard. Also look at the sport steering wheel ...but so far thats not available heated.

    FWIW color wiseindecision Blue top and blue paint might be nice with a Cork interior (its a exclusive shop shade close to Ferraris Tobacco color) at least that way you will not suffer from 60's Oldsmobile blue steering wheel syndrome.indecision

    I was thinking of blue spider 360 syndrome in my azzurra California blue int blue racing seat blue top. Rig I sold for 60 overSmiley

    Re: ORDER: 991 - S Cab

    Triple blue 360 Syndrome is oksmiley  Triple blue on a Porsche may look tooooooo AudiishSmiley

    No big thing, get what your heart desiresindecision

    Re: ORDER: 991 - S Cab

    It's advice on all the $4k performance options I was looking for. 


    Why is Pdcc needed? 

    Sport chrono only delivers sport plus which I never use, I use sport all the time, and it cost more w PDk

    pccb seems overkill and over priced

    does sport exhaust do anything ?

    Pdk I'm willing to pay for

    With adaptive seats, PDk,chrono,Pdcc and burmeister  I have a fg cab at $128,105 US. Now thats inflation and that more porsche ripnoff! Add pccb and 136$


    Re: ORDER: 991 - S Cab

    Hi watt!

    Its a personal choice but for a 400HP/1500kg 911 Carrera I would not tick the PCCB, the reds are very very good already, and even more so on the 991 generation, which are noticeable better (feel and especially seem to brake even more effrortelessly) than in the 997S, so to me there is even less reason in the 991. If money was no object I would get them but if not, then there are other options were I would spend that money much more readily. 

    And one of those options is the PSE. It does not give more power officially, it only changes the sound, but that makes a world of difference when you are in spirited driving, it adds the icing on the cake. And on a Cabrio were you can drop the top I would imagine it would be even more so. And it has no drawbacks, if you want situations were you preffer the stock quiet sound you can turn it off. I guess PSE is something you appreciate when you have it, and never realise how great it is if you don't. I didn't have it in my 996 and now I do in my 997, and now I value it much much more than when I didn't have it. Every time I grab the car I'm happy its there. For me its one of the absolute must have options no matter what.

    SportChrono is more than just Plus mode, it also includes Dinamic Engine Mounts. I think that the amazing stability in changing direction at higher speeds that the 991 has is in part due to this system. You turn the wheel from one side to the other repeatedly on the highway and its unreal how much more stable and how much better the 991 handles the weight trasnfers, it can't be all to the electrical steering and suspensions. Also, you may not use the Sport Plus mode in the 997 much, but in the 991 the effect it greater than in the 997, it turns the 991 into a completely different car for the ocasional spirited drive, so there is a chance you may like it and use it more in the 991. You are used to GT2's etc so it may grow on you I think.

    I haven't tried the PDCC yet but from having talked to people who have and their impressions, given its price I would also skip it unless you are going to combine it with the -20mm suspensions for a very sporty setup, otherwise if you are trying not to let the price go up too high I would not get it. The 991 already corners much more flat than the 997, and its not like its a Cayenne or Panamera with more complient suspensions and much heavier... maybe for track use, the PDCC's effect in the 911 would be more evident, but not a must have option for most people IMO.

    So IMO Sport Chrono and PSE yes, PDCC and PCCB no. But thats just my subjective opinion if its any help wink


    Re: ORDER: 991 - S Cab

    Thanks Carlos,

    i hope you are well.  I have a scud coming Monday in silverstone with red/black alcantara to take me back/forward from all my strads

    The 991 cab s will suit better than the pane mera turbo s I almost ordered....!

    By pse I presume you mean sport exhaust.  Thanks for your help, I value it extremely

    Re: ORDER: 991 - S Cab


    im confused on all these pricy options,these cars are $140 k us what's the turbo s gonna be?

    They are indeed expensive but many of these options have not been available on the 997, not even on the Turbo, Burmester sound or PDCC for example and even the dynamic engine mounts. One would´ve needed the Sport Chrono package to be fully satisfied with the PDK box on the previous model. Since even the brakes and suspension are already much better in standard configuration that should be sufficient especially on a convertible.



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