The set up on the GT3 wing has been changed in a big way compared to previous GT3 designs. You must now remove the wing (6 screws) to get to the 4 brackets. The rear most bracket has mounting pins that fit into 1 of 3 slots/settings. From the factory it comes fitted on the lowest pin.

Now here is my problem we have a customer that asked for it to be adjusted. The setup looks all simple and well but in practice it dosent work, once you move the adjustable bracket up 1 notch its impossible for the wing to fit flush with the brackets due to the crazy angle. its very clear that you need diffrent brackets to be able to adjust wing angle of attack. Our parts department cant find any listed or non listed parts to be able to adjust the wing.

Any help, I am sure some guys in the US have experienced the same problem and already have the solution. We have spoken some contacts in Germany but they haven`t come back yet.