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    Ok the car is screwed, help please

    I went to fill in the gas and after filling in the gas, all the lights came out

    They are:
    Emission control warning light(Check Engine)
    Airbag warning light
    ABS Warning light.

    It says ABS Failure workshop and AWD is not working

    I have Techart Sport muffler, Fabspeed bypass pipes and the 22" wheels, can any of these do the problem?

    Please help!

    Re: Ok the car is screwed, help please

    I was told by the dealer that it may have something to do with the fuel pump. Can some experts please help? Thanks!

    Re: Ok the car is screwed, help please

    I had the same problems the first day i got the car from the factory... The same exact warnings came up about 20 times on the motorway! But after 3 hrs of driving they stopped appearing and the car was driving normally again... When I came back to Greece I went to the workshop but they couldnt trace any faults... Weird or what???? Sometimes when the temp is too low, the electronics go crazy!

    Re: Ok the car is screwed, help please

    One of the triggers for the emission control light is air pressure in the gas tank. Sometimes, if the cap isn't on tight or for a number of other reasons, the emissions control shows a fault. It later resets. This is nothing to worry about.

    Why the AWD is out is a mystery, but who knows in the wonderful world of software?

    Good luck.


    Re: Ok the car is screwed, help please

    I am positive that it has something to do electronically. But the car acted weird, it got stuck at 4th gear and did not go up or down. I am 100% sure that the cap was locked and tight because I checked it alot of times. thanks guys for the response, I will keep you updated.

    N11KOY: you make me feel better, but I will feel worried driving a 70k SUV that will have warning lights coming out...

    Re: Ok the car is screwed, help please

    the spirit of porsche

    Re: Ok the car is screwed, help please

    guys, there is a slight update on my car. Its been a week sitting in the service bay, they ordered a new fuel pump, replaced it yesterday and it did not solve the problem. Tomorrow, a new altenator will arrive and they hope that it will solve the problem. It is something to do with the electrical problem



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