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    A dent!!!

    I've had my 360 for almost two years. I've got over 9,000 miles, seven track days (including shipping it to Florida), and not a scratch. Until today! My kitchen is being renovated so they put all this crap in my garage and the Ferrari and my new 997 have been outside for days. A god damn tree branch fell on the hood of the 360.

    It's smaller than a half inch (1 CM). Does anyone know well "Paintless Dent" repair works with aluminum?

    Re: A dent!!!

    Thom said:
    A god damn tree branch fell on the hood of the 360.

    Hurricane Ivan or a careless tree surgeon?

    Oops, just noticed ..... Long Island. Had to be a tree surgeon.

    Re: A dent!!!

    Don't know but I would think FoLI/Miller would be your best calls to refer you to reputed F bodywork experts.

    Re: A dent!!!

    Actually, it was Hurricane Ivan, or at least the aftermath. These hurricanes run along the Atlantic coast with the Gulf stream but usually (thankfully) run out of steam before the get to Long Island.

    Re: A dent!!!

    I had about a 1cm round, ~3mm deep dent on the hood of my 645 (aluminum hood). Real big rock skipped across hiway and hit me. 3M Stonegaurd saved the paint. The dent was pushed out flawlessly by the "Dent Doctor".

    Make sure whoever is in your area has worked with Aluminum in the past.

    Good luck.

    Re: A dent!!!

    I have the "plastic bra" too, hopefully my dent will be repaired as easily as yours.

    Re: A dent!!!

    yea the remanants (small) of the hurricane knocked alot of trees loose.

    as for the dent... oh no!!! better cover it up quick and sell the car,

    ive heard ferrari's gradually fall apart after getting their first scratch/dent/imperfection

    just kidding i'm sure it will be fine, get a good bodyshop, i suggest taking it to miller motorcars in greenwhich

    Re: A dent!!!

    I will be forever grateful to sales manager, Werner Pfister of Miller Motors. When I was at Lime Rock this Summer for the "Ferrari Days" event, I came off the track after two twenty-five minute, full-blast sessions and a mechanic noticed a nail in a rear tire. The two day event would have ended right there except that Werner happened to have a tire for me. It was slightly used, but less so than the one on my car. Nonetheless, he did not charge me for that tire, and I will always think favorable of Miller Motors and Werner Pfister.



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