Deja vu all over again.  It's like the Porsche styling department needs a month long retreat so they can transform themselves into an Italian design team.  Smiley

Unlike the last time when I didn't  "get" the wheels, this time I reeeeeally don't "get" these new wheels. The original ones eventually worked for me because, despite their  "wingy, venty, slatty" look they DID have a toughness, or solidity to them. The originals also eventually worked for me because eventually I lost interest in changing them. Smiley

The new ones? They are keeping the "slatty" look but, IMO, it's going in a whimpy, de-macho-ification direction. This is supposed to be a frickin' Turbo!  500 cohones! I dunno. 

BTW, I never thought I'd say it but I like the original tail light better. It's profile seems to look "mas macho," for this model.

Thanks to whomever's pictures these are. Niiiiice!!!  Smiley

turbo .1 vs.2. wheels.jpg



2007 997 Turbo