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    Need Urgent Advice

    I have a choice between two Cayenne S which are similar except:

    Keyless Drive
    20inch Techno

    Roof rails
    19inch wheels

    Both are similar in price.

    Which one to go for? I guess Bose is the critical factor. I have posted before regarding Bose but am still unsure if the standard audio system is good enough. If it is, surely I would like to go for the option #1 above.

    Also, how important is the Servotronic and is the steering really hard without it?

    I need to commit to either deal soon and looking for active feedback participation from friends here.


    Re: Need Urgent Advice

    I would go for the second one.
    Bose is not easy to retrofit where as, for a price of course, the 20 in wheels are easy to retrofit.
    And if you don't get Bose, you'll keep regretting.
    Bear in mind you're gonna use this cars several years.
    Good luck!

    Re: Need Urgent Advice

    I don't have Servotronic and can't see why you would want to assist the steering any more than it already is. The keyless Drive is a nice gimmick but it's hardly going to change your life. Personnally, I don't like the look of the 20" Techno wheels.

    Therefore, if all other things are the same, I would go with the 2nd choice.

    Re: Need Urgent Advice

    I'd go for the second one as well.

    Can't comment on the servotronic but the regular steering doesn't need any assist IMHO.

    I have the Bose and the keyless. The former sounds great and the later is a nice gimmick but not more and not less. Not really something that you can't live without.

    As regards the wheels, do these two cars have PASM? With the steel suspension, the 20inch might be a little bit harsh.

    The roofrails add a nice touch. But that's a purely personal perference.

    Re: Need Urgent Advice

    I like the 2nd choice as well. I have Servotronic and I actually wish I had not ordered it. To me, the steering seems overassisted at low speeds. The keyless drive seems too gimmicky. Personally I prefer the 19" wheels and they are certainly the better practical choice. Fanch is right about the Bose, you would regret not having it. The roof rails are a personal choice but to my eye they do add balance to the styling, especially from the side view.

    Re: Need Urgent Advice

    Actually there is one more difference between the two CS & I might as well mention it rather than presume its not an important point.

    With choice #1, the light wood package (which I really really like) is from the factory.

    Choice #2, unfortunately, has the sports aluminum package (which i really really dont like). The dealer for choice #2 has undertaken to retrofit the wood package in 4 weeks time at no charge. Am i taking any risks here? i.e. retrofitting the wood package can lead to any unnecessary damage to interior or the kit may not be fitted perfectly? Is this choice recommended?


    Re: Need Urgent Advice

    My dealer does at least one of these wood trim retrofits every month and says it always looks like a factory install, except that it costs more.

    Re: Need Urgent Advice

    GM Austin,

    Do they also do the wood steering retrofit?

    The dealer has agreed to do the wood steering also & I just have to pay the difference between the regular multi function steering & the wood multi function steering.

    However, I believe ordering a new wood steering would cost them much more than this price difference between the two types steering.

    Re: Need Urgent Advice

    On the steering wheel the whole rim is swapped out. They don't try to apply wood to you existing wheel. Checkout the Porsche Cayenne Tequipment site:
    link to web page.

    3-Spoke steering wheel with wood/carbon trim
    This three-spoke steering wheel (rim only) is carefully matched to the light olive wood or dark walnut interior. It is also available with carbon fiber. The rim can be combined with your existing multi-function component. Please see your Porsche dealer for installation information.

    Light olive wood
    Part no. 955 347 804 50 + color code

    Dark walnut wood
    Part no. 955 347 804 40 + color code

    Part no. 955 347 980 00 + color code



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