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    Carrera S sport-auto Nürburgring tracktest

    Sport-auto will feature the test in the next edition for this car with -20mm suspension and LSD.
    What's your guess on the track times? Given that the car is supposed to go as fast as a gt3 m1, but slower than a mk2, my guess is 7.57.

    Re: Carrera S sport-auto Nürburgring tracktest

    I was last ten days in Italy driving the Dunlop Drivers Cup 2005 ( ). The last day we where racing in Imola together with Joachim Winkelhock.

    I have asked him what he thinks of the track times at the Nordschleife. He tried to relativate the track times from Sport Auto. His opinion is, that even the best driver can have 10 seconds difference driving his race car on different days. With different cars this could be even larger. I mentioned that this is the only way we "normal" people can compare cars. He answered, yes but this is not comparable. What does it mean? We don't have "real" comparable values.
    It is just the opinion of "Jockel" not mine.

    I hope that the 997S with -20mm will do it in 7:55.



    Re: Carrera S sport-auto Nürburgring tracktest

    Given that Walter Rohrl did 7:59 himself, I doubt Saurma will beat him so I'm guessing 8:01 or 8:02. Which for a 355HP streetcar on street tires is simply amazing already.

    Re: Carrera S sport-auto Nürburgring tracktest

    Yep, that's a possible time, too. and in order to get some more distance to the 997 gt3 I'm sure they'll offer the choice of sporttyres for free on that car (and not only on the rs version). but that's cheating...

    Re: Carrera S sport-auto Nürburgring tracktest

    I hope the use the stock PS2 tires. Saurma would make sure of that I would think.
    I agree, R-compounds would be cheating IMO. In a track such as the ring it could mean as much as 8-10seconds, a 997S with Pilot Sport Cups would likely beat the MkII 996GT3 on stock tires (no R-compounds).

    Re: Carrera S sport-auto Nürburgring tracktest

    I too think they will use stock tires on the 997 s. but i believe they will offer sporttires on the new gt3 at least as optional in order to prevent a debacle against a potential m3 with 400hp and sporttires.

    Re: Carrera S sport-auto Nürburgring tracktest

    Oh, you mean the 997GT3? I thought you were talking about the 997S on the SportAuto test, I see what you meant now. I think it would be a good idea to offer those as a factpry option on the 997GT3, many 996GT3 drivers go for them on their own afterwards anyway. At least the Pirelly Corsa System which may not be as fast as the Michelin Sport Cups on the dry but at least they are half decent in the wet unlike the Cups.

    Re: Carrera S sport-auto Nürburgring tracktest

    I agree Carlos , the Corsa System are a good compromise between track and street use the real corsa : on the track the system are good but not perfect . (like Michelin cup)
    But remember that the Michelin on the wet are very dangerous that the corsa ...I used with my former 996 a max speed 120/150 km/h but the president of Porsche club Italia testes the Pirelli Corsa in street with a speed superior of 200 km/h ..he told us that the car (993 TT 430 hp) was perfect .
    with corsa sistem you can use the car on the wet without problems .
    I used the car with Corsa System on the snow ...max speed 15 km/h ahahaha!!!

    Re: Carrera S sport-auto Nürburgring tracktest

    but all these tires,dont they have a very short life?

    In Greece roads need not racing ires but 4*4 tires!!

    Re: Carrera S sport-auto Nürburgring tracktest

    rear tires :
    michelin ps2 : 10000 km
    pirelli : 6000 km ....



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