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    Porsche Master Training, Leipzig

    After Porsche had to cancel the Precision Course in Spa, I switched my reservation to the Master Training in Leipzig, scheduled for last weekend.
    I arrived in Leipzig on Friday afternoon after a tiring 7 hour drive from Switzerland, of which the last two hours were stop-and-go due to several construction sites and accidents.
    Porsche has an arrangement with the newly opened Steigenberger Hotel, located centrally near the market place. It is a very nice hotel with excellent service, and valet parking. That’s something I had never done before as it is not very common in Europe or at least not in Switzerland. Kind of odd to give the keys of my “baby” to a stranger...

    Some more participants of the training seemed to have checked in to this hotel as the valet service had beautifully lined up about 20 Porsches the other morning - what a sight (at the time the pictures was taken, some had already left):
    (PS: Click on the pics to enlarge them - I am not able to figure out how to change it in the first place...)

    After the usual check in and welcome coffee, the course started with a short theory session. Then the participants were split into 4 groups. Compared to the Precision and the Performance courses (which I took some year ago), the number of participants seemed considerably smaller, which is probably due to the fact that most people are not passionate enough about track driving that they want to further improve their skills nor do they have any interest in starting to participate in races (Successfully completing the Master course gives you the possibility to request the national racing license).  I was in a group with only GT cars, mostly GT3 and GT3RS (but also a GT2 and a Ferrari). Thankfully there’s no theory about seating position and other basics as I’ve heard this enough times before. However there was a session about the flags and the procedure during a race day. This seems to be required in order for the course to be eligible as a racing license course.



    The following two days were a mix of instructor lead driving, some special sessions and some theory (the later mainly oriented at the ones aiming for the racing licenses). Worth mentioning are two of the special sessions:

    • Practicing starts (standing and rolling) - it was the first time for me to do a standing start (I am not really a stop light racer kind of guy). So it was quite an experience to raise rpms to 4,5-5,0k and then jump of the clutch to go off like a bullet. It was fun but not something I would like to do to my car on a regular basis. The rolling start was more to my liking as they had even a pace car to lead the formation to the starting line.
    • Individual filming sessions – we had two of them, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. The instructor followed one participant after the other while filming their line around the track. The films were then shown and discussed in the group. It is interessting and instructional to see oneself  (especially to see where you give up meters even though you believe that you were just millimeters of the curbs...)

    Besides some more, but short theory, the rest was mainly instructor led driving around the track. The speed was considerably higher compared to the other courses I had attended with Porsche (Attending Precision and Performance courses are mandatory in order to be eligible for the Master and ensures that everybody has a least a minimal level of experience) Sunday afternoon was then reserved for free driving – first just one group after the other and then “open pitlane”. One could cover quite a bit of track miles. It was great fun.

    And additional goodie was the BBQ on Saturday evening in the box in which they used to delivered the CGT to their future owner. Not only was the food excellent, but they also offered passenger laps with the instructors in GT3s but also in a Cup car. The GT3s were mainly going sideways around the track which was really fun, but the Cup was in an other league. This beast is so raw...


    I stayed another night in Leipzig before heading home on Monday morning. With the German autobahn almost empty, I was able to cover quite some ground and had a few occasions during which I could test the top speed of my GT3 – amazing how stable the car is even above 250km/h. Oh and the highest figure I saw on the speedo was 315km/h (OK, it was slightly going downwards).

    Now some more pictures (most of them taken by the Porsche photographer – they gave us a USB-stick at the end which included all the pictures as well as the videos mentioned above as well as the videos from the passenger laps during the BBQ, a very nice idea):









    That's it - hope you like the pictures as much as I like the two days. Everything was well organized and planned. I even got my tires changes late on Sunday afternoon (I was lucky enough to reserve the last set of available Michelin Pilot Sport Cup), they did it in just a few minutes right before the end of the course. 

    A final word regarding the GT3. Most of my previous track experience (which is not a lot, maybe about 30 days overall in about 5 years) had been on my previous 997C2S. The GT3 is in a different league, even for someone like me with just average skills and talent. It feels rock solid and is so confidence-inspiring, even though I will probably never be able to fully exploit its possiblities.


    Matt C
    2009 997 GT3 Mk2  / 1988 911 3.2 Conv.

    Re: Porsche Master Training, Leipzig

    Superb report Matt! Thanks for sharing, it looks to me to be a very useful course, especially the filming and discussing afterwards could prove useful afterwards.


    Re: Porsche Master Training, Leipzig

    Fabulous photos Matt - I'm really glad you had such a great time  Your car looks wonderful  


    RT Moderator 
    - 997.1 C2S GT Silver/Cocoa, -20mm sports suspension/LSD, PSE, short shifter, SportDesign rims, Zuffenhausen collection

    Re: Porsche Master Training, Leipzig

     Wow, fantastic.  I was booked on the Spa course, too.  Very disappointed 


    2011 987S, 1964 Type 1

    Re: Porsche Master Training, Leipzig

     Great report Matt. And your Gt3 looks so nice !! I really hope we can meet some time on a track 


     997.2 C2S, PDK, -20mm

    Re: Porsche Master Training, Leipzig

    Nice, write-up Matt! Thanks for sharing  Think I'll sign up for the Master course next year.


    997.2 Carrera S in Carrara White. PASM-Sport Suspension (-20 mm), PSE.

    987.1 Boxster S in Arctic Silver. OZ Racing Ultraleggera HLT Wheels, H&R Monotube Coil-Over Suspension, H&R Anti-Roll Bars, Sachs Racing Clutch, Single-Mass Flywheel, Recaro Pole Position Seats, PSE.

    Re: Porsche Master Training, Leipzig

    Your post just put a smile on my face, thank you Smiley great report & shots, what an amazing weekend must have been.


    Re: Porsche Master Training, Leipzig

    great write-up ! thanks for sharing



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