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    Subwoofers in Boxsters

    Well I finally got my stereo installed but it's lacking a bit of "oomph". I do not want big boomy bass, I just want something to provide a bit more depth to the sound.

    After chatting to my installer, he made a few proposals:

    1. Passenger footwell subwoofer. He thinks that this would sound the best (due to the size of the enclosure) but it would rob passenger space. I am not keen on this idea.

    2. Rear parcel shelf. This is only wide enough to accomodate 6" drivers, so he proposed installed 2x 6" drivers into this space and sealing the enclosure. It would not produce too much bass but I would not lose much room.

    3. Under the seat. I would lose the ability to move the passenger seat backward/forward.

    What have you guys done? What do you think of the sound?

    Note, I have gone with very high end stuff so far - Pioneer DEX-P9R + DEQ-P9R, Butler TDB 475 tube amp, and Dynaudio speakers.

    Re: Subwoofers in Boxsters

    if you're after sound quality, using anything less than 8" to hit the lows will be inadequate.

    the following enclosure is not too intrusive.

    Monney Footwell Subwoofer Enclosure

    if money is no object, consider purchasing a set of GT3 fixed-back seats. they would provide a little more room behind the seats to mount subwoofers.

    Re: Subwoofers in Boxsters

    If you want soemthing for a bit of infill, then theres an Alpine one which will fit under the passenger seat that appears to work quite well in the Boxster

    Re: Subwoofers in Boxsters

    ljd, believe me I would DEARLY love to buy a pair of GT3 seats but my budget doesn't quite stretch that far! That's a new one - "I bought my seats to accomodate my subwoofer".

    Thanks for suggesting the Monney setup. I have seen that before, the problem is this - it may be difficult to source that Illusion sub they are using in Australia. Also, has anyone heard one? What does it sound like?

    percymon, I went to the Alpine website to have a look at the product you mentioned. I can't seem to find it. If you are talking about a powered sub, then the one I found is much too big to fit under the seat.

    Re: Subwoofers in Boxsters

    I'm not sure of the model number and its worldwise availability but this is it...

    Re: Subwoofers in Boxsters

    Found the info....

    Alpine SWD-1600 Powered 6.5" Subwoofer

    This compact subwoofer fits nicely in the front cabin area to complement an existing subwoofer system with additional front-focused bass, or to serve as the main subwoofer in smaller installations. This compact powered sub is designed for installation in the front cabin area, such as behind the dashboard or under the seat. Ideally used with another subwoofer in the back, it can also be used on its own to complement the speakers in the doors. You will notice a definite improvement in the front sound field, not only in terms of bass but overall sound quality as well.

    Weight 4.0 kg, Dimensions 282 x 195 x 92 mm, Operation Voltage DC 14.4V, Input Impedance 22k ohms (line input) | 36k ohms (speaker input), Max Output 150W, GAIN Control, Crossover 60-160Hz, Phase Selector, Class D Built-in Power Amplifier, Dual Load Subwoofer.

    Price: Pounds149.99 -

    Re: Subwoofers in Boxsters

    Thanks for that Percymon. Do you have one? What does it sound like?

    I'm actually after a very high sound quality system. I have invested enough money in it already!

    Also, i'm not sure if this is allowed, but I have searched on a rival Boxster board and come up with a whole bunch of threads (if anyone else is interested):











    Re: Subwoofers in Boxsters

    No i don't have it - one Boxster owner in the UK has it and is happy, but thats all relative.

    Sounds like you want soemthing a bit more upmarket to me.

    You might want to look at for soem inspiration - they seem to specialise in Porsche, and might be worth an email to discuss your options.

    Re: Subwoofers in Boxsters

    Your best bet is a subwoofer in the passenger footwell, in conjunction with getting drivers in the doors that can achieve lower frequencies. Boxeters are a bitch to hook up for highend audio (mainly because of the lack of interior space), but if you need mainly more bass, that is the way to go. Check out Dynaudio and Focal for awesome low-end drivers/subs.

    Re: Subwoofers in Boxsters

    OK, I have established that I can fit a 10" sub in the footwell. Here is what a fellow Australian did (found the image in PPBB):

    Looks like I will be doing something like that. The sub enclosure can only be 6" (15cm) deep AT MOST. Any deeper and it would encroach on passenger legroom. I know this because I jammed a box in there and sat in the passenger seat. So no matter what, I would build at maximum a 6" deep enclosure.

    I have decided that I want a sealed sub because I can't be bothered messing around with a ported sub. And besides, years of experience in home audio has taught me to prefer the sound of a good sealed sub.


    1. Would I be better off with an 8" or a 10" sub? In my mind, the advantage of going 8" is that the driver is smaller relative to the size of the enclosure so there would be less air springing.

    2. Could I make up for the lack of volume by installing additional damping inside the sub box?

    3. What woofer would be the best for my application - a shorter throw woofer or a longer throw woofer? I am going for SQ, not SPL. I would think that a shorter throw sub would be better because of the limited enclosure size. Am I wrong?

    Subs I have been looking at:

    8" Subs

    Eton 8-710/73 HEX - link

    JL Audio 8W0 - link

    Diamond D308 - link

    Alto Mobile Falstaff 8" - link

    10" Subs

    Blaupunkt ODw 1000E - link

    PHD AF 10W - link

    Re: Subwoofers in Boxsters

    Go with the following location for the sub - this was done by my design shop near by in NY - AI Design...this is less obtrusive IMO.

    For size of sub, it depends - 9 times out of 10, a larger driver will provide deeper bass, and can play louder with less strain. For car audio, you obviously don't have the luxury of a long-throw woofer (especially on a Boxster). Since you are aiming for SQ and not SPL, I suggest you go with a smaller driver. It will be less obtrusive but still provide you with enough bass to satisfy your needs. Of the subs you mentioned above, I would go with the JL Audio - subs are their domain.

    Re: Subwoofers in Boxsters

    Wow, that is stunning work on your sub, AJ. Just a couple of questions:

    1. How big is your enclosure? (cu ft)
    2. Do you find you need a lot of power to drive your 10" sub in that small enclosure?
    3. Is that fabricated CF enclosure anywhere near rigid enough for a sub box?



    Re: Subwoofers in Boxsters


    It actually isn't my sub - this was custom fitted into the CEO of ExxonMobil's 911 Turbo (green is gross, and there is too much carbon in the cabin imo). For more details you may want to contact AI Design themselves, they are experts in their field and deal with really high end components/custom jobs. You can find these sub enclosures in the "shop" section of the website. You'll see that the enclosure is available in black or silver carbon fiber, or in 4 colors of carpet.

    It's a custom designed sub using JL Audio drivers.

    Check the site below.

    I've recommended it many times here on RennTeam - they are the best in custom audio.



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